A Quick Note

Hey guys, just to let you know that we shall be moving to Pembrokeshire on Wednesday and so things may be a little quiet for a while. I have a few things scheduled which should keep the blog going for a couple of weeks as I will have minimal internet access while we’re staying at my partner’s dad’s place. We will be moving into a flat of our own at [unknown date] but until that time I will have to borrow his dad’s laptop. Not only is it not my pc and so I won’t be able to do a lot or be on it for long but I suck with laptops. I’ll do my best but apologies for the potential quiet!

I hope you enjoy the upcoming posts I have scheduled. There are some great guest posts coming up which I can’t wait to see go live and have a fantastic Christmas and a great New Year!

12 thoughts on “A Quick Note”

  1. Good Luck with the move and hope you have a good Christmas. 😀 At least if you don’t have internet you can catch up on some reading or if you’re not behind, just read whatever you want.

  2. Good luck with your move, Hannah!!!! It must be pretty exciting moving into a place of your own! Looking forward to all the guest posts!

    And Happy Christmas! 🙂


  3. Good luck with moving! I know it always, always sucks – but how exciting to be moving into your own place. Looking forward to seeing your posts again. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Hopefully there will still be stuff to read. I’m all scheduled up for this week, have a couple for after Christmas to schedule and today need to work on the Christmas week’s posts to schedule so keep checking! Some great guest posts 😀

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