The Sir Terry Pratchett Reading Challenge 2012

I have been thinking about this challenge for a few months now and it seems that this is the perfect time to get it out there. You see, I need to read more Pratchett. I adore the man, I adore Discworld, yet everytime it comes up in conversation, “I’ve only read as far as Guards, Guards and I can’t even remember what happened, I definitely need to read more.” So I have been dutifully collecting Pratchett books when I’ve spotted them in the charity shop in the hopes that I’ll finally live up to that. But I haven’t. Thus the Pratchett reading challenge 2012 is born.

Any format, any book, so long as it’s Pratchett. Re-reads are also perfectly acceptable! Books need to be started and finished between January 1st 2012 and December 31st 2012. You can set your own goals, whether you want to read 5 books or go for the whole Discworld series, that is entirely up to you. Be realistic or go crazy, there are no penalties if you don’t meet your goal, in fact the only real goal is to read some Pratchett. All you need to do is sign up below and steal the button. Stick it in a post, in your sidebar, on a separate page, wherever you like. I’ve made the button pretty big so please do feel free to resize it as fits.

28 thoughts on “The Sir Terry Pratchett Reading Challenge 2012”

  1. Hi – I thought I had signed up for this challenge but it appears I didn’t however I thought I had so am back to report that I managed 11 pratchett books 2012 – sorry I haven’t reported in have been ill – which explains how come I managed so many!:)

  2. I’ve finished! It took me 19 days to read all 51 books that I have (at the moment… I’m waiting patiently for Terry’s next book, which is likely to be as awesome as the rest.)

    I even read the extra four short stories in “Legends”, although I did wait until after I’d finished all of Terry’s ones.

    Now I just have to figured out how to get them back into their cupboard… (It was hard enough getting them out)
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  3. I’ve already collected most of Terry Pratchett’s books, so once I dig them out of their cupboard, I’ll start reading.

    Problem is: I’m such a fast reader, I’ll be done with them before Monday… :shrugs:

  4. Just had to sign I up, I seem to always read a couple of Pratchett’s every year anyway. And since I was planning on re-reading The amazing Maurice anyway I thought I would start with that. Thanks

  5. Ohai thar. Somehow I had missed your book blog! I won’t be joining your challenge I’m afraid… because I think I just started my own challenge early. I got Snuff a few weeks ago and I liked it so much that I had to read “one more” City Watch book. I’m on 5 Discworlds and counting since then… and I also ordered all the City Watch books I was missing. Total Discworld binge 😛

    I’m looking forward to your reviews, though. Some people say that “vintage” Pratchett is best, but I’ve found his latest books to be even more amazing. I get really sad when I think there might not be so many books coming in the future…

    1. *waves* Haha that’s alright, the Pratchett love is there! 😉

      It is sad, but at the very least he has such a vast library for rereading.

  6. I love Pratchett, so there’s not really any reason for me to pass up on this. I’ve read a lot of them from the library at school, but never all of them, and never in order, even.

        1. I didn’t get it :'(
          Aww *warm fuzzies* yay! I find it kinda astonishing how many people I seem to be inspiring to read! 😮 Seriously. It’s really awesome though, I’m glad I’m doing something!

  7. Yay! 🙂 I’ll put my post up this afternoon – I’ve just woken up and I’m too groggy to do silly things like writing posts right now!

    1. Hehe yay! I’m not going to post about my challenges until closer to 2012 but seeing as they’re all going up nowish, no reason why I can’t put this up. 🙂

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