NaNoWriMo Progress: Halfway There

I was so desperate to get halfway towards my 50,000 word count last week that when I was barely keeping ahead this week I was feeling pretty low about it all. I figured that sure, I’d still hit my 50,000 in time but it would be a struggle and a big push. Monday I took the day off from writing. I was 4,000 ahead of nano’s daily target goal and I needed to catch up on some reading badly. I finished VIII that night and I was over the moon because I really wanted to get the review out Tuesday, which I did but then spent a large chunk of the day writing and rewriting the review along with many other distractions and I struggled on with just 1,500 words. Wednesday I wrote a further 1,500 and probably did a little reading to compensate for struggling to write and Thursday I managed a measly 700 and then Friday another 1,500, all rough figures of course. Needless to say I fell back a little on the awesome headstart I had given myself. Not to worry, of course, I knew this would happen and that’s why I gave myself the headstart while I could. I put it down to being week two and figured that yeah, I’d keep going, it’s not a problem. It happens.

Then Saturday happened. This sounds bad doesn’t it after that opening paragraph but see.. Saturday was actually glorious. I was planning to start off with a little reading because I need to keep up on that as well, especially now that I’ve got some kind of a balance down. So when I popped into the bathroom, came back in and had a pretty clear scene in my head that slotted in perfectly with where I was in the story, I sat down and I just wrote and came out with about 2,000 words. I was ecstatic! I hadn’t been able to write solidly like that yet and it was such a simple scene, just a conversation between two of my characters, but do you know what? It made me cry a little. There was so much emotion, but I was so, so happy with myself for getting it written. Afterwards I took a reading break and figured I’d come back later to get myself ahead. I didn’t, but it was okay because that was some awesomely unexpected writing, my characters practically led themselves, and I’d had my best day of writing so far even if I hadn’t written as many words as I’d managed before.

And Sunday. Oh I hate Sundays with a passion. There’s always too much noise going on to really be able to get anything done and they’re repetitive and horrid.. But I wrote a further 2,250 words getting me upto a final count of 24,576 by the end of Sunday and I thought I was struggling! Pff! I skipped ahead a little to a chapter in which everything seems to happen, basically, the turning point, but that’s how I managed to get there. By pushing and writing what had popped into my head. Yes, it was another of those moments. I hadn’t had them before and then suddenly I had two in the space of two days.

I have to say, this weekend was the first time I had experienced that whole “Oh my god, I’m totally inspired! Must write now!” thing, but isn’t it amazing when you finally think of something after a period of having to push through the writing blahs, even something so simple as a conversation? I am seriously loving my story and I really really hope I go somewhere with this because I totally want to tell you what’s happening but spoilers! I’m so excited!!

How are you guys doing by the end of week two? Still going strong? Starting to struggle? Ever been hit by the inspiration stick so hard you couldn’t stop yourself from writing?

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  1. I’m still struggling. I changed my story idea four days in so technically didn’t start writing til day 5, then I had some nights where i didn’t write anything and so basically I am 10,000 words behind where I wanted to be.
    I have written 14,800 – see haven’t even crossed the 15k line!
    I felt a lot happier at the weekend. Saturday night I sat down and wrote 3,500 words and then Sunday I did 4,200. I thought I was catching up, but I haven’t written anything for the last 2 days again.
    I am inspired and I want to write, but by the time I get home I am so tired! Rubbish excuse I know. But I’m also trying to catch up on my reading. I’ll have to have a push at writing over the next few days and do another weekend marathon.
    Not sure if I can make 50K but I’m going to try!!!

    1. That’s the spirit! Just do what you can while you’re enjoying it. The moment it brings you to tears with stress is when you need to stop.

      I’m the same as well. Need to keep up on my reader and when I’m too tired I just end up reading. Which is something I didn’t do today.. Nngh.

  2. I had the same thing happen as well. Yesterday I struggled to eke out something like 1600/1700 words. The day before I didn’t write anything. And today I really got on a roll – I was going for 3k, but ran out of steam just short of that. It felt great. 🙂

    1. It’s awesome, isn’t it? I had another off day yesterday and I’m struggling away today but that weekend put me on a little high, haha.

  3. I really started struggling by the end of last week, but I decided to throw my characters into a random situation based on a dream that I had (written in my dream journal and everything!) and have since been working on getting them to that point.

    Right now I’m trying to dethrone Kelly by writing more words, and I think I’m already past my 2k for the day… but I’m going to keep going while the inspiration is with me.

    Also: YOU CAN DO IT!

    1. Haha, I so want to dethrone you both but that means a like.. 7k writing day or something which would drive me insane. And hooray for dream journals! I had to write last night’s dream down.. but I had to go into work so it’s in my writing notebook rather than my dream diary but hey ho. Spike was in it!!

      And I know!! But not today. Today I spell priveledge .. privelege.. privilege.. yay! *ahem* I’m tired. Basically. It’s also half 10. *shuffles* But..

      YOU CAN DO IT!

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