First Impressions Friday #2

This is a meme started by the lovely Leila of Within Pages, the idea being to look at book related things and share our intitial thoughts, be they on a new release, a new read, an adaptation for tv/film, or anything that happens to be book related.

Recently, I’ve been seeing and hearing an awful lot about Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and it sounds quite unique. I am intrigued. I won’t say too much because there is a copy on its way to me at the moment and that’s information for In My Mailbox but I have watched my very first book trailer and I must say, I’m excited. I haven’t looked into any spooky stuff since last summer when I started watching a bunch of slenderman videos and became even more afraid of the dark (don’t laugh, I’m deadly serious) but this is something I don’t think I can miss!

What has caught your attention this week?

2 thoughts on “First Impressions Friday #2”

  1. I cannot wait to read this, it looks AMAZING and I have only heard good -creepy- but good things about it.

    Sorry I didn’t get the post up yesterday. I didn’t have a chance to write it ahead of time and ended up having a terrible day. <3

    1. No worries it’s your blog after all! We all have days like that 🙂 In fact, perhaps I should start planning ahead of time? Still have On My Wishlist to write up today, though I have written up my Game of Thrones review for (probably) tomorrow, unless I decide to move IMM to Sunday.. *ponders*

      But yes, this one actually arrived today. I had a flick and it looks fantastic *squee*!

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