Why I Don't Use Libraries But Wish I Did

I have a problem. I love buying and reading books, but it’s not exactly the cheapest hobby. Sure I save money where I can. I don’t mind buying second hand so long as I can guarantee the book isn’t rotten and falling to pieces, and I won’t buy books at the regular retail price. If I buy my books brand new, I’ll tend to check a few websites and usually settle on Amazon, so I do save money, but even so it would be so much better if I used the local library a lot more.

Here’s the thing though: I won’t let myself. I used to borrow library books a lot, and there would always be late fees because I’m such a big procrastinator. “Oh I’ll do it tomorrow.” And then I forget, or I just don’t get around to it. My biggest fee ever was £16 from the central lending library in the city. I borrowed 2 or 3 books for my history coursework and kept forgetting to just go an renew them. I think I had them for about a year before I finally took them back.. paid off half of the fee and never went back in. I’m partly worried that they’ll demand the rest of my 4 year old late fee before I can borrow any more and honestly, sod that. I’m also worried that I’ll manage to rack up even more late fees – defeating the point of using the library in the first place. I know, I know. Just go in and renew them. The library is only a 10 minute walk, and I can drive, so I really have no excuse. But I know myself, so I won’t allow myself to use the library.

The other reason is that I really love owning books. There’s something nice about seeing the cover artwork, and the smells, and being able to flick through the pages as you read. It’s the same reason I haven’t got a Kindle yet ((Though I’m coming around on this one, slowly.)), and it’s a big reason why I don’t use the library. I love looking at my over-filled bookshelf and deciding what to read next and I don’t know.

I’m a bit weird really, but I won’t use libraries. I wish I did, if I avoided late fees I would save so much money, assuming they even have in what I might read, and I’d be able to browse which is always nice, maybe even talk to people in the library? God forbid!

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  1. There is a comfort to having your books all around you, like little worlds sitting there that you can pick up and slip into. I’m reaching the point where there physically isn’t room for any more books, and yet I never go to the library. (God knows I would save a fortune!)

    Someday I’ll have my huge dream house with the proper library. 🙂 Perhaps in my next life, when I’m much more affluent than I am now!

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I have soo many different genre types on my shelf, it’s nice to have that choice. And I’d love my own library room! I would settle for a bunch of shelves taking up living room wall space, mind you :p

  2. As much as I love owning books, I even own read/collected copies of some books but in the financial bind that I am I 1 can’t buy a bigger bookshelf (which I would love to do for more than the obvious reasons) and 2 even the half priced store is more than my wallet can handle.

    I considerably dislike the fact that my home branch has such limited copies of the books I want but it was simple enough to request a hold on them and it is something I can do from home; I can also renew over the phone and online as long as the item doesn’t have a hold on it.

    I kind of thought about trying to engage in a bookswap but I have had bad luck in getting items returned even from friends so I haven’t stretched my limbs that far yet.
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    1. Yeah, bookswaps worry me a little. Though, you can enter giveaways. A lot of book bloggers and even Goodreads do book giveaways, you might as well enter because well, obvious really. I’ve won 2 of them so far, still need to read those actually! 🙂

      But yeah, I might pop into the library today while I’m out and about and have a browse, see what kinds of books they have in there these days.

  3. I am too fond of owning books as well. When I need a new to book to read I love just looking over the books I have waiting in the bookshelf and picking the one I feel like reading at the moment; no waiting for the library to open, and then hoping the book I want is available. Once I have read a good book I want to own it as well, so I can reread it at my leisure or lend it to a friend that might be looking for something to read.

    The only problem with that is that there are no good second hand shops around here, so I end up having to buy most of my books at retail price. But it is worth it, if only to have those overfilled bookcases looming over me – and it saves me from having to find anything else to decorate the walls with.

    1. Precisely! Though I think the other half’s getting a bit annoying by it :p Especially since I sorta kinda delegated his comedy books to the top of the shelf because there’s no space *sheepish*

    1. That sounds fantastic! More work and less money for the libraries though, and with libraries being so underfire in this country at the moment, I highly doubt they’d miss out on anything they can make on late fees.

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