The Limbo Bit Between Xmas and New Year

Well, that was Christmas. I was glad to be home considering I spent the past two Christmases in Wales, but at the same time it felt a bit weird. Don’t get me wrong, I did have a nice Christmas. Christmas Eve was its’ usual boring self, my dad inflicted his boring upon Christmas dinner (I’m really not a big fan of roast dinners after 22 years of having them every single Sunday, and 2 days in a row of turkey dinners, and I don’t eat vegetables.. so that’s meat, yorkshires and roast potatoes *waves ‘woo’ flag*), and TV was shit for all – you know how most families argue over what they want to watch? Yeah, ours had the whole “you choose”, “no, you choose”, “no, you choose”, “I don’t like this, choose something else” which inevitably led to me going a tiny bit insane in the end because everybody expected me to choose what to watch when we all like different things. I gave up and put on my Hogfather dvd until Doctor Who was on.

Speaking of Doctor Who, wasn’t it brilliant? Michael Gambon riding a flying shark? A Christmas carol? Genius! That must have been the best Christmas episode I’ve seen. And fedoras are cool.

The day itself, though a few memories from the year lingering overhead, was fine. The present giving was finally done – I’d been pining to give Dan his present for 2 months and it felt great to finally give it to him – and successful, we had the TV to ourselves for the evening as my dad had to work, and we discovered how bloody awesome the Tesco duck spring rolls with hoisin sauce are. Nom. Barely ate any chocolate which is rare for me on Christmas day.

Boxing day was more of the same really. It’s my dad’s birthday so I gave him the usual birthday whiskey, and spent a bit of time reading. Dan had bought me a couple of books, Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb, the third in the Farseer trilogy that I’ve been slowly reading, and a book about the history of the Celts which is something I’ve wanted to learn about for years. With that and my slightly “meh” attitude to WoW reforming, my want to read has been vastly rekindled. I’ve read quite a bit the past 2 or 3 days in fact, and I’m loving Royal Assassin at the moment. Robin Hobb is just a wonderful writer, her stories seem to me to be very much character driven and I absolutely love that.

With my birthday money I popped onto Amazon and ordered the True Blood books boxset – that was £20.50, saves me a bit of money compared to if I had bought them separately, have to deal with series covers which bothers me, but hey ho, money saved. Also ordered the Fool’s trilogy of Robin Hobb’s, which I’ve been told is absolutely brilliant, and Brandon Sanderson’s first Mistborn book because I really have heard a lot of reviews of him and his work this past year and I’m extremely intrigued, I full expect to fall in love with his work.

In all honesty, this part of the year is the strangest to me. The 27th-31st December is the bit when you’re sat around thinking, “Well, that’s Christmas over and done with for another year.” And then you wait a few days for the new year to roll around, and most people will be generally off work or off school.. it’s just this very strange limbo-ish time of year in which nothing really happens. Don’t you think?

PS. Changed my theme. Why? ‘Cus I can! I was pretty happy with the old one but now that it’s active, I do prefer this one.

4 thoughts on “The Limbo Bit Between Xmas and New Year”

  1. Oh trust me, I plan to read them all at some point but I have soo much on my TBR list. The Fool’s trilogy just arrived actually 😀
    Will save Soldier Son and Liveship and her newer one for a later date though, I like little breaks in a series ^^

  2. There’s no reply button with this theme! Pfft!
    I’m pretty sure it starts with Farseers, that’s where Naithin forced me to start (he did force me, an awful lot of pestering, but I’m glad he did), but I’m glad he did. The characters feel almost alive as you read them. You could give Assassin’s Apprentice a go, and if you can’t get into that, easily pass Hobb off as an author that just isn’t your cup of tea, if you like fantasy, I’d give it a go 🙂

  3. It’s funny you should mention Robin Hobb. My dad lent me the Soldier’s Son trilogy last summer and I’ve made it about halfway into the first book. I just can’t get into it. Yet everything I hear about Robin Hobb says she’s one of the best fantasy writers out there. I wonder if I’d like her other novels better.

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