Lost Faith

Yeah.. I said I wasn’t going to post about Real ID, and technically I’m not, though it has definitely sparked a lot of emotion in a lot of people. Now, of course, this has all come from Blizzard saying that in order to post on the official forums in Cataclysm, your real first and last names, as you gave to Battle.net, will be shown when you post in order to “combat trolling”. A heck of a lot of people don’t like this. My name’s damn common in the UK and the US. On Facebook alone I find 511 others that share my name, so while I don’t think that my name being out there is a huge security risk, ((though of course, with some deducting, it probably is – however I’m not quite that paranoid, I tend to keep myself to myself mostly)) for some people it’s much bigger, and with such a huge uproar against this, you’d think Blizzard might back down? Wrong.

Now, I’m not pretending I know all of the details, in honesty, all I really know is they’ve signed some big deal with.. Facebook? And they won’t be backing down. Well, hurray for treating your customers well! Usually, when people churn out the usual “I pay £9 a month for this game and deserve better service than this” I might perhaps scoff a little, because usually that’s a pretty lame argument – you pay a monthly fee to play the game. However, when something Blizzard does makes you realise they really are just one huge multi-national, commercial company, well, it kinda makes you lose faith a little bit.

I personally thought that Blizzard cared about this game and well, this has shaken the community. A lot of people feel alienated, using your real name online is a privacy risk. Sure, some people do it, at their own risk, but when you sign a privacy contract, then they say they’ll give up your personal details that easily because of some other contract, guess that makes the internet dragons seem a little less worth the £9 a month. I’ve heard of so many people quitting the game over this. Some are doing the “ugh I’m quitting!” and then logging in to raid Icecrown or whatever, but a lot are actually cancelling their accounts and this time I honestly cannot blame them ((of course, there are also a hell of a lot who are only thinking about quitting over this, a lot won’t, some will)). The worst part? This is exactly what businesses out to make money are like.

Incase you’re wondering, I haven’t made a decision on how annoyed at Blizzard I might be right now, being on a break myself at the moment I don’t care as much as I otherwise would, but I’m enjoying catching up on the years of Desperate Housewives I’ve missed. Why did nobody ever tell me I should watch this show before?

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  3. I, too, had lost immense faith in Blizzard. They had gone from one of my most trusted companies to my least trusted.

    Now, I’m back in the middle. This move does not seem like a Blizzard idea. It doesn’t sound like Blizzard. It doesn’t feel like Blizzard. I suspect, but have no real evidence, that this may be something Activision is forcing down their throats. If it is, Activision is dragging Blizzard’s good name through the mud something fierce.

    Does it change anything in the end? No. We’re still forced to show who we are if we want to participate in the official forums – something I am not going to be partaking in.

    1. Definitely. I won’t be posting on the forums in the future. I don’t really these days anyway, perhaps the odd post but, I guess I won’t miss not posting too much, that’s what I use Twitter for – much nicer people there. That’s something that for me is inevitable.

      Whether or not them seeming to have ‘sold out’ will cause me to quit is another question. I like WoW, I like the people I know through WoW, I like the things I can do in WoW. I’m excited for Cataclysm. At the moment, my quitting feels unlikely, because WoW is a good game and hell, I’m on a PC right now, talking about Blizzard selling out then using Microsoft products? Wewt. But who knows, if they get any worse, maybe I will. If privacy becomes a major concern I might not be able to give myself a choice. At the moment, it’s all optional at least. *shrug*

    1. Indeed.. So glad they didn’t take a payment on Sunday, that would have sucked a whole lot more I reckon. Trouble is, the ingame Real ID is a godsend.. but the way things are looking, if I carry on playing I’ll have to turn it off in Parental Controls 🙁

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