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Honestly, since the release of the random dungeon finder tool, I’ve done nothing but love it. It has made finding groups for whatever 5 man you want to do SO much easier, which is especially nice when you’re levelling alts. Heck, it’s even possible to do Ragefire Chasm in Orgrimmar as Alliance and Stockades in Stormwind as a Horde now without being brutally murdered on your way in. That’s awesome, and I believe everybody can agree on that.

However, I was reading this article at the MMO Melting Pot, and it made me do a small double take. As I said in the comments there: if the LFD tool was available from the start of TBC, I wouldn’t have met Dan. Chances are, I’d have seen him chatting in trade and on the forums, thought he was a bit of a douche because I’d never had the chance to get to know him as a person, then moved on with my life. Considering I’ve been with him for 2 and a half years, that’s a slightly scary thought.

See, I pugged a lot when I was levelling my Priest. I found that doing a few 5 mans inbetween questing made the levelling a lot more fun, and it gave me a chance to practise my healing. I’d chat to the people I grouped with, possibly add them to my friends list, and if they wanted, I’d invite them to the social guild I was running back then, in which I’d only invite people who were friends of friends, or seemed nice, most I met in pugs. One of these people, when I’d reached my late 60s, I got talking to him again once I’d found which character he was playing and he’d joined a small friendly guild. They didn’t really advertise so most of the members joined via word of mouth, and I was no different. This was the guild where I met Dan. If I hadn’t got speaking to that guy in a pug in my 50s, I wouldn’t have joined that guild and spoken to Dan.

The result? Well, you can still pug with people from your server, though you’ll find that will be mostly raids. I’ve joined raid pugs which weren’t quite so bad, but I rarely whisper people now. I don’t know what it is, but these days people just come across as much less approachable and sure, a lot of this has to do with the way Wrath has changed the game, people can’t be bothered to form friendships outside of their guilds anymore because they assume everybody else is bad. This is how it comes across to me, at least, and it’s kinda sad – the guild I was in while levelling my Priest couldn’t exist now. I’d have to advertise in trade for social members and that’s the perfect way to attract flies without using an application process, which I find a little pointless for a social guild.

Blizzard seem to have created a way to maintain old friendships in the form of Real ID, but downgraded the ways in which we can create new ones. Sure, they’re still there, you can chat to people in pug raids, join a new guild, talk on the forums and in trade, whatever you want but it doesn’t seem to be the “done thing” anymore, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I miss the sense of community this game used to involve. Nowadays we have to make do with lots of small communities, in the form of guilds, which can also act as server cliques, as opposed to one big one, with serverwide events, radio stations, and everybody seeming to know each other.

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  1. Trouble is there’s no middle ground anymore. I don’t look back at the old system with rose tinted glasses. Busting your chops to get to the instance then having the usual “summon pls” from the lazy fucks closer than you.

    What I would prefer is if they limited it to server only to provide a sense of community. The same thing happened when they made the battlegroups for battlegrounds. Due to the fact that we no longer have to go anywhere the interfaction community, especially on the forums, counts for fuck all now.

    With a lack of community you get the lack of responsibility for their own actions you see in pugs. The other day I got deliberately MD’d multiple times by some hunter thinking he was a srs raider boosting us scrubs in Heroic Strat. Then when I had no CDs left he did it again and I died and his friend refused to res me. This wouldnt happen if they’d thought they might have to deal with me again or if they thought fucking with me would have other consequences.

    What I’d like to see is the same LFD system in Cata – only limited to Server.
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    1. See, I also think that the LFD system is brilliant. For every tosser there’s a great person in there, it’s just that they all stay quiet to avoid the tossers so you can’t really get to know them. I wouldn’t want to go without the tool, I think it works well, but I’d never really stepped back to see the negative aspects of it.

      I really really hope they don’t branch out and include a LFD tool for raids, because that would be too much. Can you imagine the amount of fail in those pugs?

      1. Yeah but every tosser you met before you could ignore, tell all your guildies to ignore and they’d find their grouping opportunities highly curtailed. I do it myself at the moment but the trouble is people have become almost worn down to the point they don’t care anymore. It’d be a worthwhile addon where you could share your cross server ignore list across say your guild.

        The trouble as I see it is that the village idiots are no longer confined to their villages. It’s the problem in general that the internet has. People have no consequences to their actions and so act like complete cock garages.
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        1. Yup, I remember when it was first released and people in guild and trade were pretty much saying, “Thank God, now I can ninja and be a general douche and there’s nothing they can do about it because I’ll never see them again!” Funny that, if I ever see anybody taking it too far, I will report them. Yeah, they’re perfectly “safe”. Funny thing that, the same people that treat people like crap for the fun of it are also the most stupid.

  2. I know what you mean wtith everyone seeming to know each other before WotLK. In TBC I mostly played a non-raiding fury warrior; I got into the habit of whispering a lot of people regularly in order to form dungeon groups, otherwise people just weren’t interested in taking noCC-iors. But it meant I got to know a lot of people, and some of them fairly well.

    Then life got busy – I had a lot less time for WoW and almost no time for that server. I’ve gone back recently to find that most of the people who I knew, and who knew each other, have either gone seperate ways of burrowed into the style of guild which collapses at the hint of a loot argument. It’s a shame. But against that, I’m lucky; I still have my small social guild with loyal members, at least for now, (it’s a bit like yours although our recruitment policy is more strict).

    Also – thank you for the link! πŸ˜€
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  3. I have to agree… some of my fondest memories are from grouping up and chaining heroics in BC πŸ™‚

    These days, apart from when you first ding 80, people just aren’t interested in any more than a daily random for frosties. I turn more to my alts because people just don’t really seem to want to do things together :-/ Perhaps it’s just my small guild.
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    1. Nope, I think the interest in helping each other, doing things together, and just plain being social is a very rare aspect in guilds these days from what I can see. Sure, it’s there, but on a very small scale.

  4. That’s an interesting point. I hadn’t really thought about it like that. Then again I’ve never been an awfully social player – I never did talk much to random people I met in instances. Any friends I’ve made have been from guilds I’ve been in. But I’m probably the minority in that regard.

    For that reason I guess I don’t miss the interaction. But I can definitely see what you’re saying πŸ™‚
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  5. I completely agree. The most fun I’ve ever had in WoW was back in Burning Crusade with my old guild which tragically fell apart. I would have never joined it except for the the fact that I knew someone in it I had met a while ago in that sort of guild you describe that can no longer exist today.

    It just seems like the soul has gone out of WoW. It has become more about the loot and everyone seeing the fights than it has about interactions with people and buildings friendships.

    Everyone seems to be so focused on getting a higher Gearscore or getting more frost badges or killing another boss or getting a fancy title that they don’t care about the social aspect. It’s become like a single player game to many people, and that just weirds me out. It’s like they’re playing in spite of the community, not because of it.

    (Sorry if this is a bit rambly and ranty, it just saddens me)

  6. Yeah I agree completely. The 10-man raid guild I ran through the end of TBC with I joined because of a druid I met in a PuG. I know PuGing was a lot less common then but at least you were grouped with people from your server and yeah, just *insert whine here* basically. And because I don’t want to play pat-a-cake with RealID even if I a) PuGed now and b) met anyone I got on with, I’d have basically no way to keep in touch with them which would make me a sad panda.
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  7. LFD tool is great, but yeah I used to use PUG 5s to help recruit new guild members or even meet new fun people to play with on my server, now its a bit harder and you need to rely on pug 10s

    If blizz moves forward with using the LFD for raids too, recruitment and finding people on your own server might get more difficult
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    1. Yeah, exactly! I met an awesome guy in a 5 man pug back when I was gearing my Death Knight in the Ulduar patch, he invited me to do a couple more heroics with a few of his guildies, and it was so much fun they told me to apply to their guild. So I did. That guild was nice, was full of lovely people and I made a couple of friends – it’s a shame really that that kind of thing is so much more rare these days.

      I hope it’s never available for raids, because that will be a pain when it comes to loot rules and finding the right people for a good pug.

  8. I dunno, I can see it from both ends of the spectrum. On one side, it’s definitely true that we don’t associate with our own server, outside of our guilds, nearly as much as we used to back in TBC… but honestly with the great influx of absurd trolling and absolute GARBAGE piled on your screen for spending more than 30 seconds in trade chat I really don’t have much problem with that.

    That kind of begs the question though: Since we aren’t required to pug with our own server NEARLY as much as we used to, has that opened the floodgates that’s allowed all the trolls to be.. well.. trolls? I’ve definitely noticed an obscene increase in the number of trade trolls in this xpac, and even more so in the last few months. Does that come from the feeling of “I don’t need you guys, I can go farm badges without seeing any of you!”….

    Hmm. I see a potential blog post of my own there..
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  9. I get new friends everyday, but I think that’s because, regardless of how easy it is I still try and reach out for people.

    I haven’t been playing for all that long, so I don’t know what it was like before but that statement you made regarding raiding and barely talking to people holds true I think. I find myself there and just expecting people to perform.

    I think I would of liked to see a more social raid where instead of focusing on downing the boss people are more focused on having a good time and just chilling with each other.

    On the other hand, a good serious raid is nice too. I’m so confused now Jaedia! :3
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    1. I actually noticed it a lot when I was playing Aion, I’d join a group for the first instance, everyone else would chat, maybe argue, and I mostly stayed quiet because that’s what I’ve got used to! And I felt really bad, the next time I did the instance I tried joining in a bit and 2 of them added me to their friends list. It really reminded me then how anti-social the random dungeon finder can be, and even if you do group with awesome people – what can ya do?

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