Why Altoholism Is Good

I’ve been informed that my rerolling to Shadow Priest whilst still being under the name ‘the Lazy Sniper’ has confused a few people. Well I warned you when I was thinking of changing the name so tough! Be confused! Another thing that apparently confuses people is the fact that most of my characters have different names *gasp*! When I started this blog I was playing a Hunter named Jaedia, I like the name and so it has stuck as my internet name, however, I like to give my characters different names. It gives a bit of variety, and it’s easier to differentiate that Cassea is my Paladin, and Seithir is my Priest. I find it so confusing when people give their characters the same name. Fine it’s easier to tell who you are on an alt, but which bloody alt are you on?! I find it easier to remember whose alt is who, than to work out if you’re talking about your Death Knight or your Druid.

So yes, I have altoholism. I am an altoholic (it’s in my header, didn’t you notice?). I choose a main, I raid primarily on that one, I achievement whore on that one, and I collect random crap on that one. Let’s face it though, when you play the same character throughout your entire time in WoW, that induces burnout quite fast. So alting is a good thing! Trying out different classes gives the game a little more variety. I play a caster, so occasionally jumping into the shoes of a melee class, or perhaps a healer if I ever get the guts, is really quite fun. At the moment, my Shadow Priest is my main. I don’t want to get so bored of her I end up rerolling again so I’ve been levelling my Rogue, saying hey to the Single Abstract Noun guys, trying to gear up my Ret Paladin a little bit, generally trying out different aspects of the game.

It’s a very good idea to vary your ingame activities. At any given time you might find me raiding, doing 5 mans, levelling a character, herbing or mining, doing some dailies or finishing off some quests, PvPing, playing the auction house, achievement farming, old world content, and I’ve only done it the one time but RPing. If all you do is stick up the odd auction and raid, of course you’re going to become burnt out on the game. World of Warcraft is not a boring game, there is so much you can do, it’s whether you prefer to stick to a routine, or try different things. Of course, if all you do is the same things over and over, if you have a great group of friends to do them with they become a tiny bit less repetitive but I suppose that eventually, burnout affects us all. It is the speed at which it hits us that differs.

Hi. My name is Jaedia, and I am an altoholic. AND PROUD!

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  1. I know there are people out there who can stick to one character only – and kudos to them. But personally I like having some variation.

    I like that I have a tank, a healer.. a dps.. a dps.. another tank.. another dps.. Oh well, you get the idea.

    While I have my raiding main I also have some various alts. Sometimes I get really into playing one and I will play that one when not raiding/doing stuff on my main. Other times I’ll just circle through them a bit at random.

    Currently I’m really into my hunter 😛

  2. I’m the queen of a creating characters. I will delete 85% of them just because I really enjoy making character concepts 🙂

    And about different names…I have used Tarinae for 2 and one of those was SAN and that is enough for me.

    I can’t standing it when people use something like:

    Blackhole for their main
    Blakchole for one alt
    Blackwhole for another…

    Tarinae recently posted…Tuesday with Tarinae 6/15My Profile

  3. Heh, some of my alts were experiments that just kept going. Then I’d get close to level cap and suddenly have to make lists and plans etc.

    Think I’m working on number 6 now with a lock at 50ish if I get bored and fancy experimenting.
    Echo recently posted…I Haz AnnouncementzMy Profile

  4. I too am an altoholic. I have been recycling names from server to server, but all my toons have different names as well. Some have a theme, but most people would be unaware unless they have the same musical fetishes I do. I think of each character I play as being their own entity. I couldn’t dream of them all being *candy or *nexxi centric.
    Anexxia recently posted…Weekend Reading ListMy Profile

  5. I like your unabashed admission. I’m the same way – I often find too that spending more time out of game helps me appreciate the time I spend in it. Also, I think it’s good to be Jaedia/The Lazy Sniper no matter what character you’re playing. That’s how you’re known, after all. 😀
    Vidyala recently posted…Knowing When It’s Time To Let GoMy Profile

  6. So clearly I’m squarely in the “altoholic” side of things (oh gawd, am I ever) but I’m trying to be (trying to be?) a recovered altoholic.

    Actually, perhaps that’s not even true. I think that I will always want to have an alt to jump on to switch things up, I would just like to have a MAIN again.


    I am an Altoholic! And Proud!
    Anea recently posted…Through the Dark PortalMy Profile

  7. I love being an altoholic. Once again last night I got the “You already have the maximum number of characters on this account” message.

    Don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong, when it feel so right 😛
    deyndor recently posted…A Fond FarewellMy Profile

  8. Hi, my name’s Jason Griffith, and I’m an altoholic.

    *all* Hi, Jason.

    I haven’t rolled an alt in almost 27 hours.

    *all* /clap

    Granted, 20 of those hours were spent sleeping, working, or otherwise away from a computer and so was prevented from rolling, but I’m confident I can carry on. /checkswatch

    Thank you all for your support. /sitdown

    *all* /clap
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