Caption Contest!

When I was browsing through my screenshots folder looking for a decent screenie of my Priest for a new Twitter avatar and Gravatar (yes, again, I’m not a big fan of pink), I came across this one and it made me giggle. I’ll add the funniest caption you can come up with to the image and post it in a few days time if I get any replies. ((I’m easily amused and like footnotes – what of it? :p))

20 thoughts on “Caption Contest!”

  1. I was mainly struck by the facial expression of the Kvaldir *lol*

    “Superman? Here? But… wtf!?”

  2. The Tauren and the Kvaldir were fighting by themselves, the beach was wide from side to side but much to full of elves. ‘Ms. Tauren!’ said the Kvaldir, ‘My jaw begins to hurt! Let’s just camp her here for half a year… if you don’t mind the work?’

    ‘Work?! The time has come,’ the Tauren said, ‘to fight about other things! Of quests, and groups, and graveyard runs! Of Warchiefs and Kings! And why the sea is freezing cold, and whether starry ponies have wings…”

    …I do say, I think I went a bit overboard with this. Oo;;
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  3. The Marraige of Figaro: To a Cow

    “Your hooves make me sing
    your tail makes me dance
    And with this kiss
    Up goes your Crit chance”

  4. Not a caption..
    These slightly amended lyrics went through my head:

    “I sing because I’m happy
    I sing because I’m free
    My eye is on the blood elf
    And I know she watches me”

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