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I’ve pugged Icecrown 25 for 2 weeks in a row, and have missed out on plenty of 10 mans, because the only ones I could find were pretty much asking for 5.6k gearscore and an almost full achievement (which I can only SAY I have). At this point there’s not really space for me in friend’s groups, and so I’ve had to pug to be able to raid. Trouble is, these pugs have been pretty horrid. Of course I expected it, but there was ninjaing, arguing, whining, wipes, egoing, gearscore *shudder*, and only the first 4 bosses cleared.

If I seriously want to get a little raiding done before Cataclysm hits, I need to join a guild. So I spent a little bit weighing my options, different guilds I could join, most raid too much with too much strictness, and I know a friend’s guild raids 3 nights a week and isn’t too extreme. I can’t really be bothered with “that point’s wrong, it should be there, why are you using that glyph when that other glyph will net you 3 more dps?!” and that kind of thing, I’ve always read up enough to know my class well enough, but I don’t want it to become like a job. I’d like to be able to just relax a bit.

So, on Wednesday afternoon I put in an application. It’s my TBC guild, I was there for a large part of TBC, cleared Black Temple and Mount Hyjal weekly to death and did a little Sunwell with them too. I went to one of their guild meet ups and I know a fair few people there. It’s the same guild my Hunter was in between leaving her raiding guild and transferring. The closest I’ve ever come to home on Vashj I guess. I’m tired of seeing this, and not being able to join in:

I’m not jealous of them, I’m glad they’ve got raids, but I definitely want to raid a little myself, especially considering when your friends list looks like that, well, people don’t speak much when they’re raiding. Pretty sure my application has been accepted at this point, so let’s see how it goes.

Also popped over to Argent Dawn to say hey to the guys in SAN last night for a while. There were only a few online, but it was definitely fun catching up a bit! After a break from the Rogue, that was fun too. Murdering ogres while discussing the finer points of raiding and why female Trolls could never win a beauty pageant. She was 66 when I logged in, fairly close to 67, almost got her to 68 before I was reminded that ZG was going to reset in a few hours and had to head off. I tell you what though, I was expecting the 3 pugs I did to reconfirm my dislike of the Argent Dawn battlegroup and remind me that Vashj’s isn’t all that bad, but they were all lovely! Damnit, Argent Dawn! I’m planning to get Jaedi up to 80 at some point before Cataclysm, I hope, if I can hit Northrend it should go a fair bit faster. Perhaps one day I’ll actually get around to properly trying some RP, and when I do, I won’t be on a Celestial Steed because I can’t be bothered to RPsplain that.

Wish me luck with the raiding – I’m scared! 😀

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  1. Sorry I missed you in SAN – I haven’t had much time there myself recently. And good luck with the guild and the raiding!

    1. Don’t worry, I’m popping on once in a while when I find a spare hour or so, focusing more on my Priest these days though. Trying to level the Rogue in the background so I’m sure I’ll bump into you at some point. Lots of old faces still around though which is awesome 🙂

      And thanks, guess I’m late to the party this time, heh.

  2. I may sound like a broken record player here as its all I seem to ever comment on some people’s blogs BUT:

    Form your own pugs people! Its not that scary and after a while they tend to run themselves.

    I’ve been pugging it up on 2 of my alts recently – the tauren warrior I have on my server which is my only horde 80 has been hacking stuff to pieces in a couple of ICC pugs (I don’t have the contacts yet Horde side and if I mention my alliance guild I either get fawning or abject hatred) – this meant I got to watch the ML give DBW to a freaking enh shaman!
    My paladin has also been fun, having never really healed getting geared up so I don’t feel guilty about guildies boosting me through shit as a 3rd healer. Those pugs have mostly been TOC and ICC10s which go no further than rotface – again not taking control because I can’t heal and lead at the same time it seems.

    I’m sure you’ll be accepted to your old guild but if you don’t and you get really desperate I run a pug ICC25 on Tuesdays over on The Venture Co EU – nothing special we tend to clear everything bar BQL, Sindy and LK. Which isn’t bad for 3hours, mostly our alts and random pals who tag along but its normally a fun night.
    .-= echo´s last blog ..Update! =-.

    1. I’m not a raid leader. It’s possibly the least fun thing I could imagine doing in the game next to arena. I can’t be arsed to deal with people whining at me over nothing when I can just join other people’s pugs. I leave if they won’t state the loot rules INCLUDING whether or not anything is reserved, if they state them then cool.

      I also can’t transfer at the moment, I want to play with friends and the bf, and everytime I transfer away I end up coming back. In other news you’re in my battlegroup /scared.

  3. Hello, read over your blog and I don’t think anyone should be “scared” :)! Finding a new guild is always unpredictable, but when you find the right one, you can get a lot done while still having fun. My only advice if you’re afraid about raid performance is find a few established members of the guild that seem friendly, AND ASK QUESTIONS about everything you’re unsure of! Don’t worry about being annoying. Every guild has those definitely “friendly” types that won’t mind a bit making sure you feel perfectly at home and prepared.
    Best of luck 😀
    .-= Poptart´s last blog ..Putricide 25 man Heroic ICC down! =-.

  4. Good luck in your new guild! And raiding with a guild beats PUGs by far. Every now and then you might (might!) be lucky and get a PUG that can do more than 4 bosses.. but more often than not that is not the case.

    I wish you the best of luck and I’m sure everything will be great 🙂

  5. Raiding in an organized way can be scary when you haven’t done it for a while, but despite your initial fears it usually turns out to be fine.

    Good luck in your upcoming guild raids!

  6. I’ve been there before, as far as having every online friend being in ICC or some other Raid. Even if it wasn’t quite that many, it’s not unusual for me to log into my Hunter and have four or five, maybe even a couple more people all in ICC or TotC.

    Even my Hunter’s current GM logs in basically to pug ICC. Guild things with that crew are nowhere to be seen these days. It’s sad in a way, because I don’t really have anything against those people, but I really think I’d be happier if I moved him over to my DK’s Guild. I’ve been doing a lot of stuff with them lately; my Hunter even finally killed Malygos with them the other night. They’re more social and talkative, and usually will have more than five or six people on at once.

    I might even finally see some ICC over the weekend; we’ll see how things turn out.

    So I can relate, at least in a sense. I wish you the best of luck in finding a Guild of people with whom you can do the things that you want. 🙂

    1. Hehe, I honestly think that if you’ll be happier in your DK’s guild you should join it 🙂 You’ll probably enjoy the game more and they won’t hold it against you ^^

    1. Aww and you! Spent a while going through my reader, updating my resources page, doing auctions, and now dailies, I’m hoping I can squeeze some time in later depending on what the other half needs, but if not I’ll pop on soonish ^^

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