How To Avoid Being Ganked

So, you’re either on a PvP server, or you’re on a PvE server and you’ve just done a quest/activity (catching the towers in Terrokar, doing a battleground, etc.) and you’re flagged for PvP while out and about. Probably levelling, this is where you’ll have the most unfair disadvantage, though maybe dailies or catching up on a few quests. While you’re doing your thing, a big red name swoops down and stomps you into the floor, leaving nothing but a smoldering mess and your ghost standing over your corpse thinking, “Well, thanks, now I can’t do anything until you bugger off.” Or, “I’m relogging to my main!” Do you know what though? There are a couple of methods you can use to avoid being ganked.. to an extent.

I’ve been on a PvP server for most of my time playing WoW, and that’s about 3 or 4 years of being smooshed into a corpse. After that amount of time, you come to learn a few ways to avoid it. Now, this won’t always get rid of them, but occasionally you may be able to hide. You’re running around, you see a red name, probably higher level than you are and you run in the opposite direction hoping they haven’t seen you. They may be running past, in which case you dive into the nearest hedge (they have hedges in WoW, right?) and hope. Of course, if you’re able to, stealthing is always a great option for avoiding them. If you’re a Hunter, you can keep ‘Track Humanoids’ on, and keep an eye out for those red dots on your minimap, they’ll look a tiny bit different to regular hostile mobs. The best way is to just keep an eye out constantly and really pray that they don’t come near/bother you. Of course, sometimes they will leave you alone but a lot won’t. Avoiding places like Stranglethorn Vale which are not only places that both factions level/quest in a lot but are also renowned for much ganking is a great idea if your server is quite heavily populated and the ganking particularly annoys you, though it’s something you get used to. Basically, avoid being near the red names.

The “I’m logging my main” method, in my opinion, doesn’t often go well. I can log into my 80, go to the place where my alt’s corpse lies and find nothing, run around a little, and find nothing, and this seems to happen to me a lot so I gave up, but you never know, you might find them, and smooshing them into the dirt repeatedly MIGHT well be quite therapeutic!

“Well lol you shouldn’t roll on a pvp server noob lol” is not an answer. Yes, if you’re PvP flagged and an easy kill target, you will probably be ganked, this is inevitable. Remember though, there’s no harm in trying to fight back, even if they are a few levels higher, you never know how bad they are ­čśë

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  1. I use Carbonite which has saved me countless times. When a member of the opposite faction is close, it detects them and a name flashes up in the corner, so I know to mount up and fly out of the way til they’re gone, unless I think I can take them (I suck at PVP). It’s also good for finding bots in Sholazar to farm for free honour :p.

  2. Will Chime in with Rades…a little “heads up” targeting helps avoid a lot of potentially unpleasant ganks. Half the thrill is swooping in and bachsing someone when their pants are down…a head to head fight is a whole different story.
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  3. I love it. It’s a new dimension to the gameplay.

    Generally I’ll always gank once as a form of tag and release. This will either make them leave my area or provide entertainment.

    The lolreroll comments are partially valid. Why go to a place which is incompatible with your preffered playstyle?

    To be honest my only tip is have a pvptrinket and know your defensive cooldowns.
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  4. If I am not immediately attacked, I will often try to use my womanly wilds on them. Do a /kiss /hug /dance. Us female druids do have the sexiest dance. When all else fails the /bow /beg is often effective.

    Getting ganked doesn’t bother me as much as getting camped, then I just get on my main and bring in a dps.

    Meh its all part of the game.
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  5. I really don’t like ganking. Quite possibly because I’m a horrible PvP player – despite having spent the majority of my time on a PvP server. Currently on a PvE one and I really do enjoy being able to quest and level without people ganking me.

    I might be moving back to a PvP server though, and I guess I’ll have to deal with it again.

    I don’t mind so much if people are similar level to me and try to kill me – at least then I stand a chance. (Who am I kidding? I’m crap at PvP – I stand no chance!) But I must admit I really get annoyed when someone 20 levels above me ganks me. I just don’t see the satisfaction in one-shotting someone who did nothing to you.

    Yes, it’s a PvP server. But does that really mean that you have a free card to act as a prick? I guess most people would say yes. Personally I’d like to think there was still some sort of decency. They don’t get honour from killing you.. and I don’t think it should count as a kill even in statistics (sadly it does – unless they changed it).

    But you’ll always have the argument of “it’s a pvp server” – apparently that means everyone can be pricks and kill everything. Including your questgivers.. repeatedly.. until you’re forced to move to another area (before level 20 this kinda sucks since it’s a LOT of running by foot).

    But that’s me.. and I know others are all about the PvP.

    1. I’m exactly the same but after years on this server I’ve just come to accept that people do it and nothing is going to change that. An even PvP battle is so rare I’m not sure I’ve ever really seen one outside of arena.

  6. “you never know how bad they are”, makes me smile. I had a level 70 DK try to take out my 68 frost mage near UK the other day. While I had out my water elemental, and 2 NPC’s I’d rescued from cages ­čÖé Sometimes they’re not only bad, but completely lacking common sense ­čśÇ

  7. Back when I played on a PvP server, I had an excellent strategy for not being ganked. Jump off cliffs! They can’t kill me if I’m already dead! Even if no one was around to gank me I’d do it, just to let’em know I was Cuh-RAZY!

    I did eventually transfer off due to stress. I tend to overreact to things, and having your heart skip every other beat simply cause I was walking through contested areas was not good for me.

    However, with the help of these handy dandy Nostalgia Goggles (Requires Engineering 325), I can see how exciting it made the game and venturing into unknown territory was truly a worrisome venture for the ill prepared…

    Then again, I was also a 22 year old that was completely frightened by the prospect of going into Duskwood for the first time, not because of PvP, but because it was a scary place with lots of zombies and werewolves! So being frightened of gankers might just have been me overreacting. >.>
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  8. Having your combat log up all the time set to “everything”, can help you get the jump on people or at least know they are there before they hit you.

    I tend to avoid the bring my main thing for a couple of reasons:
    1. Like Cranius’s totally awesome video on the subject, the fight might not go my way. (
    2. In STV, on Kazzak at least it’s usually lv 80 rogues doing the ganking. The second you turn up with an 80, they are off and running. Which means you just wasted your time.

    Also if you think you’re being camped, don’t res right on your corpse. Try and get out of line of sight..

    Have to say though, anyone who puts a hunter’s mark on me is asking for it. I rate that kind of stuff up there with mind vision and spit macros.
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    1. I completely agree, if you mark me it’s not a threat to back off it’s an open invitation for me to kill you, and your pet too.

      And if you emote anything insulting, you’re getting camped until I’m completely bored. And I’ve got bucket loads of camping patience.
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  9. The only method that ever worked for me was emotes showing a form of respect or greeting. It’s the only thing that ever stopped someone from attacking me and it’s the only thing that’s ever stopped me from attacking them.

    If I ever see you /cry or /beg or something of that nature, then I’m going to kill you for being a wimp. If you ever /insult or /rude me, I’m going to kill you on sheer principle. If you do nothing but stand there then I’ll assume you’re afk for a minute and if you still haven’t moved after a few seconds then I’ll kill you for being stupid and going afk when you’re flagged. If you try to ignore me instead then your class and/or race determines whether or not I kill you.

    I “grew up” on a PvP server where I was ganked constantly. Corpse camping, ganking, raiding lowbie towns – all of that was just part of the game. As I finally got some levels of my own I went into vengeance mode and killed anything that moved. I didn’t care if you were level 80 or level 1, the fact that your nameplate was red was all the reason I needed.

    However, I don’t think you should discount the “don’t roll on a PvP server” reply simply because you don’t like it. I happen to enjoy PvP but my wife hates it with burning passion. She eventually had enough and even though the only reason we were playing the game in the first place was because her best friend invited us to join and into her guild and so on, my wife threw in the towel and rerolled on a PvE server where she played alone as the friend stayed where she was.

    I wasn’t about to let her be there all alone though so I went ahead and just left my toons sitting there and rerolled on the new server. We were there for a number of months but after being unable to find a real “home” and a guild that we fit into we eventually changed servers again.

    But I will no hesitate to say that even with my love for PvP the level of enjoyment in simply playing the game without having to worry about getting ganked has skyrocketed. No more being nervous, no more looking over your shoulder, no more grouping with or rolling your own hunter/druid just so you can track humanoids; instead you just play the game and have fun while you do it. If you want PvP then you either flag, jump in a BG, or find yourself an arena team.

    I enjoy the game more now than I ever did on the PvP server even though in the end we left behind dozens of friends. After being off of that server for almost a year my wife’s two best friends from the PvP server transferred and joined us as well. We were only there for our friends in the first place, but eventually they came to find the peaceful fun that we enjoy now as well.

    When it comes to avoiding ganking yes you can run and yes you can hide, but in all honesty the best answer really is to not get flagged in the first place. On a PvP server there’s nothing you can do about that, but if you really can’t handle being ganked then my honest suggestion is to leave the PvP server and your friends and find a new home. If the game’s not fun, then it’s not worth playing no matter who else is there to suffer through it with you.
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    1. If leaving the server is an option then yes, but, it’s not the option for everybody. Some people would rather stick with the friends and guilds that they know than go somewhere that they feel “safe”. I’ve never liked the ganking aspect of world PvP on PvP servers but it’s where my other half is and I can’t enjoy the game as much without him.

      1. Leaving a server is always an option. Whether or not you take it is up to you.

        It’s not always about feeling “safe” either. More often than not it’s about not dealing with frustration. It’s not a matter of “oh no, they’re going to kill me!” it’s “$*&@ing wothless sacks of $*(@ are ##%!ing ganking me again! /RAAAAAAGE”. Do you want to play where you’re going to constantly be frustrated and agitated, or do you want to go somewhere that you can simply play the game and not have to worry about it?

        When we started playing my wife and I were on the same server. When she got fed up with the PvP server I joined her in the move to a PvE server, both of us leaving level 80s behind. Eventually though she decided to move on to another server and play Alliance instead of Horde, which was something I wasn’t at all interested in, so my wife moved on leaving yet another 80 behind and I stayed where I was. Only about 6 weeks later did I finally roll a toon on her Alliance server and even then only because my guild on the current server had gone to crap.

        So for 6 weeks my wife and I played on completely different servers with no interaction between the two of us in-game. It wasn’t as fun as it could have been otherwise, but we both still enjoyed playing.

        If you want to stay on a PvP server, then yes hiding, tracking, and fleeing are the only methods you have open to you – all of which are fairly obvious. If you really, truly want to avoid being ganked though then the answer is to never flag in the first place which in the case of PvP servers means either transferring or starting over on a fresh server.

        For you that’s not an option you’re willing to take because you don’t want to leave your friend/spouse/whatever, and that’s fine. It’s not the option for you, but it’s still an option and one that’s perfectly valid.

        The most important thing to remember here is that it’s a game and it’s meant to be fun. If it’s not fun then you either need to stop playing or find a different way or a different place to play it.

        If you do transfer, don’t do it to a blind realm, check with other sources of friends first. Ask people who write WoW blogs you like to read, check with social circles such as Twitter or Facebook or whatever else you use. Find out where other people are playing that you enjoy talking to and see if you their realm might be a good fit for you. That’s what my wife did and we’ve now found an excellent server that we call home from doing just that.
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        1. Yes, it’s an option, but the moment somebody says “I don’t like being ganked” and gets the response “well don’t roll on PvP servers lol” … that’s not really fair. It’s not the “why don’t you leave?” because that’s giving them a choice, a question, the ‘don’t roll there’ is more like a demand almost.. they might roll there for friends or SOs, and therefore the rolling there won’t have been their choice, and that comment is a bit of a slap in the face, and I’ve seen it worded that way time and time again.

  10. Having friends helps a LOT.

    Hubby is a master at gank-backs, and for fun we’d sometimes lure people out to fight by wandering around the Sunwell Isle in my no-stam PMC as bait while druids and rogues stealthed around me ready to pounce.

    You’re right though, ganking happens, and sometimes it #$^%ing sucks, but I honestly think it’s given me a LOT higher situal awareness level, especially as a no resil clothy out alone in the world.
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  11. If you see a red name nearby and it’s an equal level ganker (maybe flying overhead in Outlands) be sure to click their name to let them know you know they’re there. Sometimes knowing their target is anticipating the ambush is enough to dissuade cowardly gankers! Similarly hunters have a great “don’t mess with me” warning in Hunter’s Mark. If you Mark someone but don’t send your pet to attack, that is as clear a BACK OFF message as you can get.
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    1. Mm, often I just run past and carry on, and hope they don’t do anything, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t :p

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