Some Things…

…are really worth celebrating.

Sidenote: Love the Tim Burton-esque signs in the Undercity!

I finally finished Loremaster! Woohoo!

I have a to-do list before I transfer, some of it may not reach completion *sniff* but:

  • Finish the AQ chain which I’m partway through
  • Finish the Quel’dalar chain which I’m halfway through
  • Do BB King because Dan promised he’d help me with it
  • One Light – I doubt I’ll get a successful group, but it’s been the last achievement I need since roughly October, I’m more than a little desperate by now.
  • Remember to stock up on gold, heirlooms and whatever else I want to bring with me
  • Think of a name as both Fae and Jaedia are taken (if you have any ideas that fit a Draenei Hunter and perhaps a variant on Fae, please, please leave a comment, I’m drawing a blank!)

Just a few things I’d really like to finish without transfers and faction changes messing them up at all.

22 thoughts on “Some Things…”

  1. Grats! I have a long way to go on my rogue and everytime I go to do it I get distracted by something shiny.

  2. The UC is amazing 🙂

    And grats on Loremaster! I’ve never quite had the bollocks. I always give up around the 100 quest mark 😛
    .-= Tam´s last blog ..zomg! something useful! =-.

  3. Grats Jaedia,

    Wherebouts are you transferring to? If you can be bothered I’d be tempted to jump to a realm with a guild willing to get you one light then jump on to your final realm (kinda like quantum leap only without having to sort anyones life out).

    If you can get the people – its ridiculously easy in ICC gear now…
    .-= echo´s last blog ..Ulduar Achievement Happy Fun Time =-.

  4. You may or may not already know this but try Jaediâ on the new server…all you have to do is hold down the Alt key and type in 131 where you would type in the “a” ………can do it for one or both of the a’s…..same with Fae of course…..just a thought……I use it when there are certain names taken that I want to use.

    1. Hehe yeah, been Horde for 3 years, just things that are there that you don’t necessarily notice. First spotted the lamp posts in the Western Plaguelands. Lovely <3

  5. Grats on Loremastah!

    And a Draenei Hunter…. a variation on Fae… Drae? Faenei? Faewyld?
    .-= Vrykerion´s last blog ..Give This One A Hand =-.

    1. I found an NPC called.. ‘Faerleia’ earlier, I took note. Might be a tad too Star Warsy and I currently have the Imperial March pretty solidly stuck in my head now, which might now be associated with that name. Damnit!

    1. I just did it whenever I was in the mood to relax and towards the end “zomg must do this asap so I can gtfo!” But yeah ^^

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