A couple of you may know already that I’m trying to read through Pratchett’s Discworld novels from the beginning, The Colour of Magic. As a result, I’ve found something that reminded me very much of C’Thun – Bel-Shamharoth.

“Bel-Shamharoth (also known as the “Soul-Eater,” the “Soul-Render,” or the “Sender of Eight”) is an ancient, dark god for whom the description “evil” is inappropriate; “negative” and “void” might be better terms. Bel-Shamharoth is all suckers, tentacles, mandibles, and one giant eye.” – Discworld & Pratchett Wiki.

Of course, they both found their influences in Lovecraft, although, it’d be nice to think that Cthun was a reference to Pratchett, don’t you think?

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  1. One thing you’ll notice is that the earlier books (at least to me) are better stand alone works albeit a little hard to get through sometimes. I found some of them (especially pyramids!) a little weak.

    Now that he’s fleshed everything out the books seem to get better and better. I picked up two of the later city watch books, “Night Watch” and “Thud!”, a while ago expecting “Night Watch” to be standard time travel hi-jinks but it is one of my favourites now.

    Vimes is probably my favourite character and there’s a meta reference to him in WoW. In Theramore in the keep there’s Captain Garran Vimes and standing next to him Commander Samaul.
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  2. Very good taste in books! I have every single pratchett novel, not just the Discworld-series, but also the standalones that take place in the DW universe. If you like good ol’ british humour, in a fantasy setting, Pratchett is for you! At the start of the series I really enjoyed the Witchess and the Death books. But the further you get in the series the more prominent the Watch becomes, and the UU professors. He also keeps introducing new characters into the Ankh-Morpork setting books, that make reappearances throughout. Only ones i’ve never really enjoyed all that much are the Rincewind books..he’s just so…annoying…
    You MUST read the Wee Free Men books as well! Especially now that you’re hanging out with us again and all these scots 😛

    1. Hehe, it’s gonna take me a while xD I’m a slow reader with all this WoW to play, anime to watch 😛 I like Rincewind in the first 2, but reading upto Guards Guards he becomes a much less fun character, think it must have been Pyramids that put me off reading them back then. Sucks that I can’t join in on vent though!

      1. You should try some of his newer work. Just finished reading Nation, not a Discworld book and not to the same style as he usually takes, but equally entertaining.

  3. Wow its been a long long time since I read Colour of Magic, so I don’t remember Bel-Shamawaza. Plus it was before I read Lovecraft so I didn’t make the connection. Very cool find though, I like the connection!

    Although C’thun, Yogg-saron and indeed the whole concept of Old Gods can definitely be seen as Lovecraft-inspired, so much of 20th and 21st century sci-fi/fantasy has been that it is pretty much an entire discourse of its own. Hence it as totally viable to make parallels with Pratchett! 🙂
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    1. Yeah, I read it about…7 years ago maybe more. It’s quite near the beginning of the book too. Totally planning to get a hold of Necronomicon soonish, want to actually read Lovecraft’s work! Rather than Wiki it.

        1. I assume they’re in there. The description says it’s basically a “best of” kinda thing, including the full, original Cthulu stuff. Not just how much is in there, but it’s leatherbound and looks awesome! Pew! (kay, books can’t be pew, but in my world they are). It’s 900 pages long and only £13 so will grab that when I intend to have a read 😀

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