Burnout and Free Time

I’ve found myself reaching burnout again. I quit raiding a long time ago – that only brings this on faster. These days I level and play alts, I do my dailies, I try for various achievements, a lot of fishing at the moment, auction housing. Nice simple stuff you can just chill out while you do. Even that is bringing forth the WoW based apathy though. I don’t force myself to log in, if I don’t want to, I won’t  do it. Thing is, I don’t want to quit, I’d like to hold on until Cataclysm, but at the moment I might end up taking a break soon, at least after Children’s Week, then what do I do with my spare time? I have an awful lot of that.

Well, I’ve been watching a bit of stuff. Worked through Death Note and Glee, but sometimes I feel a tad anti social sticking on my headset and vanishing for a few hours into a series. I have a lot of reading to do, but I’m an easily distracted soul and I need a lot of quiet to be able to read, same as I do when I’m writing, I need to be able to think and process the information properly. It’s often too loud in this room, with the clicking of keys, the whirring of old, crappy fans, and the noise of 2 PCs being turned on (one if I turn mine off), and there is no other room I can use – it feels so cramped in here sometimes! Especially can’t read when the other half gets in a DvD or Xbox mood. Writing has the same issue, if I’m interrupted mid sentence I forget what I was writing and that really frustrates the hell out of me, not to mention I then feel anti social yet again. I don’t have enough money to go out and about a lot, and I don’t think I’d like to go out on my own all of the time. That brings me back to why I still play WoW, because everything else I try to do makes me feel bad, and ends up with me giving up. I’d like to write a book, and I’d like to research something, but again that takes money and the need for some peace and quiet.

So I start thinking about other MMOs. A couple of friends have tried to get me to play EVE but it really doesn’t look like my kind of game. I’m a fantasy RPG gal through and through, not a fan of sci fi or shooty games. Don’t get me started on puzzle games, I failed miserably at Portal the moment you had to use your brain. That brings me back to the other MMOs I have played in the past: Aion, Lord of the Rings Online, Age of Conan. Each of them I only played for enough time to enjoy them, I never decided I disliked one. LotRO I was playing a free trial of and then Brewfest came and I ended up back in WoW. Aion and Conan didn’t really run well on my PC at the time, though maybe now there are less people playing, perhaps it would work out a bit better.

I’ll probably stick with WoW for a while longer, see how this plays out, I might not be burnt out after all, but if it turns out that I am, I will be taking a break.

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  1. You should try out Allods! It’s free-to-play fantasy MMORPG with a tiny bit of steampunk sci-fi, and I’m loving it as a pick-up-put-down alternative to always being in WoW. Very WoW-influenced (down to the keybindings) but not derivative IMO. Made by a Russian studio — it’s really nice to see some non-Western non-Japanese non-Korean art influences in gaming. The cash shop stuff is definitely not required (probly worth the cost for the convenience at higher levels though) and the developers are very responsive to the community. Also: undead robot playable class. How can that go wrong?

  2. I can recognise myself in this. I live in this tiny village out in nowhere and there’s literally nothing to do. I lived abroad for 7 years until I got sick and moved back home so I don’t have any friends locally anymore either since during the years I was gone they all moved away or lost contact.

    I think part of the reason I enjoy WoW is because of the social aspect. I’ve been in the same guild for 2,5+ years and I chat with them on vent almost every evening. It’s more social interaction than I’d get otherwise.

    Like you’ve I’ve tried some other MMOs. I played AoC, Aion and Warhammer – and while they were all good in their own right – they just didn’t interest me as much as WoW does. Even if WoW at times gets boring. I think it’s the friends that keep me coming back. And the familiar. I know how to play my chars, where to go and what to do. (That and one subscription fee is enough, and no other game has “beaten” WoW for me as of yet.)

    Dragon Age I have installed on my computer but admittedly I haven’t played it much lately since I’m busy levelling another alt in WoW *lol* Once I get bored with the current alt I might end up finishing Dragon Age I guess.

    On the whole.. just hang in there I guess. Things will get better and you’ll finds things to do. We all have days now and then when nothing seems quite right 🙂

    When it comes to writing, if you want to write a book .. it’s sometimes all about sitting down and starting. For some reason starting is the difficult part. That being said I have been having problems writing myself since I got sick 3 years ago. Before that I wrote 2 books, but now I haven’t really written anything for 3 years 🙁 I’m trying to get back into it by writing short stories for my website(spellbound.nu/) though. I hope it will help.

    Hope you’ll find something to occupy your time soon! Whether be in WoW or outside 🙂

    1. Yeah, I used to write poetry, though in the past few years I’ve lost my muse /cry. But yeah, I’ve tried sitting down and getting started and have come out with some absolute tripe that I couldn’t bring myself to write.. I have a vague idea in my head at the moment based on a dream I had and an idea the other half had, but I’m not sure how to make it work.

  3. I have days/weeks like this, also the reason why I don’t raid anymore – the ‘I have to log on or I’m letting 9/24 other people down’ nearly killed me. I have no advice on games, WoW is the first and last for me (!!) but just go with what feels right 🙂 I’m cutting back a bit (ahem, trying to cut back a bit) but it comes easier in the summer with nicer weather and lighter evenings. Go with what’s fun 🙂

    .-= Pilfkin´s last blog ..Two letters… and a gift. =-.

    1. Heh of course 🙂 At the moment, occasional dailies/random alt levelling depending on my mood that day and watching things. We’ll see how it goes ^^

  4. Do you have anything within walking distance to go to? Or free-bus distance? Granted, I’m used to a college town, so free-bus gets me to a few decent quiet spots. You don’t even really need money — that’s what pic-a-nick baskets are for. :0

    “Don’t get me started on puzzle games, I failed miserably at Portal the moment you had to use your brain.”
    LOL Opposite here. I failed miserably at Portal the moment you had to do it timed. So I rocked the first few levels and loved it, then went, “Nahhhhhh…” Puzzle games I can do, puzzle games with time limits make me fail.
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    1. Nope, no free buses around here. I can drive though, I just can’t think of anywhere near enough to be worth driving to. The fun of living 10 miles away from the city. My favourite spot in this village is a bench, underneath a couple of trees, next to a few fields, overlooking a tiny woods. Except it’s directly next to the road which takes away the peace and quiet.

      1. Well, if it helps any, I use my techno music to drone out noise on buses and crowded places and roadways so I can read or write whatever. Don’t know if that would distract as well.

        That’s all I’ve got. =/ Sorry.
        .-= Poneria´s last blog ..Shaman Healing Blows My Mind =-.

        1. Strangely, music usually distracts me, but when I’m using it to block out other sounds it helps. I forgot I found my iPod! <3

  5. I can second the Dragon Age recommendation. It’s excellent.

    Sticking with your chosen genre, you could consider playing/replaying some of the classics. The Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale series (I prefer Icewind — I’m some kind of freak, I think) are available as compilation packs (BG+expansions, BG2+ expansions in one, ID1&2 plus expansions in another) for little over £10 each, and if you hunt down the widescreen mod they don’t turn into blur-o-vision on your modern PC. Neverwinter Nights & NWN2 might also give you new fantasy fun outside WoW, if you’ve not played them before.

    “The Steel Remains” by Richard Morgan is super dark fantasy and well worth a read, if you can find some earplugs. If you’re short of space but have some nearby parks, given the current good weather you could sneak off there to read/write/chill out.
    .-= theanorak´s last blog ..Fun fun fun: playing a mage =-.

    1. Ah parks. That’s something that bugs me. I think we have 3 parks in my village, all of them pretty .. meh. The 2 at the other end are tiny, and the big one is full of chavs/skaters/kids/dogs/football players/cricket players, so it’s difficult to get peace and quiet.

      Though I remember 2 parks in town, one called Castle Gardens which is beautiful, there’s a nice spot near the canal and a few benches. There’s also one near my ex’s old college, which is pretty big and I found a nice spot there once. Sadly it takes too long to get there to really be worth it.

      WTB a nice, peaceful park nearby.

  6. If you want a break but want to keep that fantasy RPG feeling, you could play Oblivion or Dragon Age: Origins. Fantasy goodness that you can dip into when you need a little break!

    Or what I sometimes do to combat burnout is play an old classic, like the Longest Journey.
    .-= Wulfy´s last blog ..Dealing With Death =-.

    1. Can’t afford to buy new games but I do have Dragon Age on the shelf I need to restart – messed up my talents quite badly. Alos have Fable 2 I never finished after seeing the ending and not fancying that amount of disappointment. Brutal Legend for funsies. A couple of Guitar Hero games. and Final Fantasy.. the new one. So there are Xbox options but I have to be in the right mood for those, annoyingly. Can’t talk to people I guess 😛

  7. I still miss Aion, and occasionally I think about coming back. But I’d levelled to the point where the grind became this massive wall that I could not get past, and I started to realise why all of the much-hated botters were botting. I think they knew better than I did what kind of game it was going to be. And so I’ll wait until they do something about the experience grind.

    I’ve been playing a bit of AoC, and I’m looking forward to the expansion. LotRO always left me cold for some reason, and although I dearly love Warhammer, I haven’t resubbed. I do love it, though, so that is possibly in the cards. 😉

    1. LotRO I enjoyed primarily because not only was it a new game to me with familiar lore ideas, but my friend who’d given me the free trial got me into the guild he was in and they were lovely, funny people. If you play MMOs for the social aspect, that is something that makes it great.

      Aion I got to about 27 and got fed up of the rubberbanding. I’d like to start again with a new character and see how it is these days, I enjoyed the bits I’d played.

      AoC, once I got past the first city, so I was about level 19, I lagged so much I could barely move. I’ve always wanted to read the books and try again though, that’s a game that I didn’t feel I played enough to get a proper taste of it.

      Warhammer I never tried because everybody who played it told me how PvP based it was and laggy (at that time) which put me off, I’m not a PvPer really, only once in a while when I fancy keeling some gnomes/male blood elves 😀

  8. I’ve started playing Warhammer Online a bit – it’s a nice change from WoW, but not tooo different. Was thinking of getting Aion, but not sure if having subscriptions to 3 mmos is such a good idea. 😉

    I always end up coming back to WoW though!
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    1. Heh, I’m also not a PvPer which is another reason I struggled with Aion. Aion was very pretty, the lore was interesting, the game play felt new and different to me, and the PvP was interesting, I’ll admit that. I can’t afford more than 1 subscription, so if I tried something else – I’d do it during a WoW break.

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