Beggars, we all hate ’em right? People who, I’d assume, have level 80s (an old friend in TBC said he used to do this.. people would give him money to shut him up..), create a level 1, and run around the main city asking each and every person, “Just 1g plx, I need it.” How many times have you opened up a trade window, typed in 100g, not clicked trade and gone AFK, just to see their squirmy little reactions? No, I’ve never done that but it sounds hilarious!

Apparently on RP servers, the beggars are a little more original. I might have even caved for this guy!

The walk

The talk

I believe the “old war veteran’s” next outcry was, “21G! I’M RICH! YES!” Then the other guy got naked and asked, “Spare a coin for an old war criminal?” Some people just manage to put a smile on your face. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Begging”

  1. It’s a bit like an “effort vs reward” kind of thing. Beggers can be annoying, but if they entertain in the process (or at the very least, show they’re working for it via a more elaborate display than just a whisper filled with l33t speak), I would have no problem parting with a few shinies.
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  2. There is actually an RP beggers guild (The Beggar Guild) on Scarshield Legion, which I was a part of for a while. It can be a lot of fun RP’ing beggars. Mine had half his brain missing and kept giving away his earnings to people he thought were poorer than himself. Not the world’s best.

  3. I’m happy to give some gold to someone creative or who asks nicely. It’s the “1g plzz????” that gets to me.

    I once had someone ask very politely about two gold to train skills and proffs, and even offer to pay me back. I gave him fifty gold and told him not to worry about it.

    1. You know what.. I saw a naked male Belf running round Org a while ago, saying he’d been hacked begging for gold. I thought “ugh, scam, whatever.”

      About 5 minutes later I realised it was a naked male Belf and bought him some pants and a chest ._. he’d vanished by then..

  4. Yes creativity is the way to go. Nothing worse than getting random whispers asking if I could spare some gold. I had one Gnome who offered to tell me a few jokes for a couple of gold. The jokes were bad but he earned the coins.

  5. On my old server, some of the beggars were creative, and it wasn’t an RP server. As I recall, I ran into a hunter, “Plz, I need gold of I’ll die!” Of course I always have witty responses for beggars, but this one intrigued me. “Go ahead and die!” I said. And he feigned death. A level one came up, “OMG you killed him!” I had a good laugh and gave him 10 gold for the ruse.

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