Secret Admirers

It is getting closer to Valentines every day, and with the approach of the little green cherubs, there sometimes comes secret admirers. Growing up I remember I always wanted to receive a Valentines card from “your Secret Admirer” but I never did, heck, even in long term relationships I never received cards!

Over this weekend, Dristanel at The Physician’s Log has kindly set up for us the Secret Admirer Project. The point is basically to get to know new bloggers, and it’s all a bit of fun.

So without further ado, all get your blog stalking hats on and have a happy green cherub day!

5 thoughts on “Secret Admirers”

  1. Darling Jaedia, your tweets are so sweet,
    your writing is quite divine.
    I want to make you my Valentine.
    Your latest post hurts me deep inside,
    but this hurt I must try to hide.
    Keeping myself a secret is getting quite hard.
    I really just want to capture your soul in a shard.
    Then I’d place high upon a shelf, where I can keep you all to myself.

    ~Love Fool~

  2. My dear, sweet Jaedia. Do you feel an inner turmoil like I do? Although I wouldn’t mind being your most wanted target.

    ~Love Fool~

  3. To my dearest Jaedia ~

    I’ve read your words for so long,
    but I can’t keep going on.
    In near silence I’ve stalked,
    but I think it’s time we talked.
    I can’t get close enough, your pet you call,
    I just hope this war will end once and for all.

    ~Love Fool~

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