Changes and Decisions

I’ve been running around hoping to get a Death’s Choice or Deathbringer’s Will for so long (not gonna happen if I’m not doing 25 mans, I know!) that I didn’t stop to think that perhaps the Whispering Fanged Skull could possibly be an upgrade on my Greatness Card. I ran the numbers through Female Dwarf (I don’t have access to Excel, and I don’t like Open Office, this is why I can’t use the spreadsheet) and found it to be a roughly 100 dps upgrade if I replaced Greatness with the Skull. I actually took this trinket for Survival, as the Runestone isn’t going to be much use as a Survival hunter, so it’s been sat in my bank for a couple of weeks, I felt a little stupid!

While I was there, I checked a few more things. Would it be worth switching my Chimera Shot glyph to the Steady Shot glyph? I’d seen a few Marksman hunters doing this. If I need to use the hit talent as Marksman, why was I using Improved Barrage instead of Improved Steady Shot in an Arcane Shotless spec? Little things like that I’d neglected to check before, as it turns out, I had a few changes to make. Sometimes on a boss fight my fps will drop to about 4, mostly just high AoE fights, Razorscale is one with all the fires on the floor. Currently, our internet is lagging, has been since Monday afternoon. My latency ranges from 120ms to 4,000ms, with people teleporting around, my shots having to be queued while the game freezes for 10 seconds at a time, it actually makes me glad I’m not currently raiding.

So, I’ve hopefully upped Fae’s dps by a little, though there lies another question, another decision.. Do I transfer my hunter? When the latency is better, I’d love to be able to raid 25 man instances again, and I quite miss Terenas Alliance, but I don’t want to reroll again, Fae is my main. So, it would have to be a transfer – faction change deal, and I want to do it because I want to move over, NOT because some smelly druid is pestering me to /glares at Elsen. The decision might possibly be the right one, but I have to choose the right guild for me too. I’ve already decided what race she would be, come on, female Draenei are too awesome.

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  1. I’ve got a Draenei female hunter, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t race change for anything. I’m a huge fan of always having the 1% hit buff, and most raids really love you for it too. My guild tends to stack 5 Draenei so every group has the buff.

    I also like the Gift of the Naaru — it’s a nice free instant self or pet heal. Kinda like a free potion during boss fights you can use every 3 minutes if you need it.

    Are you just wanting to get into 25’s or are you wanting to get into straight progression raiding?
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    1. Mm see that’s the question, I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure whatever I want isn’t gonna happen on my current server and I’m missing Terenas sooo… I’d like something inbetween.. maybe.. *shrug* :<

  2. Tbh, you should just transfer if you want to transfer. Keep in mind tho, that having 2 hunters on 1 server might start to get boring :>

    It’s your game, you decide what to do. Just 1 little tip… Finish Loremaster before you do, or you can start all over again o.O

  3. I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but how did you make those nice pictures of blood elf Fae and draenei Fae? (:

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