The Week #8

I usually do a Sunday round up post, though honestly haven’t wanted to catch up on my reader, there’s 424 posts to read in there at the moment *shudder* Might not be able to read all of those sadly. Instead, I’ll do a round up of what I’ve been doing, seeing as my posting is getting a bit slack.

When I’m not playing WoW, I’m playing around with my Christmas presents. Books to read, other games to play, not to mention the New Years TV. Come to think of it, never did find out who the most annoying person of the year is, my money’s on Jordan. Also, Doctor Who, man I cried, yes, I do that, shoo.

In WoW, the apathy is still there to an extent. I’ve gone back to doing the daily random dungeon, the weekly, my JC daily, and even Inscription discoveries on my paladin. Fae’s chipping away at Loremaster and I’m enjoying it. I’ve been reading bits and pieces of the quests giving me a better impression of the lore, and just relaxing. I haven’t been raiding much at all.

The problem with 25 man raiding for me at the moment is that, I do enjoy it, but when people can’t have fun and you’re forced to raid when you’re desperately not in the mood.. it actually stresses me out a little too much. A game shouldn’t do that, and when it does, I have to take a step back. I love raiding, I just don’t like it to feel like a chore. Also, I can’t raid without trying my hardest, and even that feels like a job sometimes. Basically, it’s the point where I realise how much of my time this game takes from me and how much I need to step away.. I’m surrounded by WoW addicts, which doesn’t help, they know they are, but that’s not going to stop them. They’re lead to believe if you don’t raid, there’s nothing else to do.

I realise that raiding is the part of the game which keeps people addicted the most, and for me that is true because I enjoy it. I have some very real goals this year, which I really need to do. So, in order to do so, I have to stop raiding. 10 mans are fine, I’d like to keep doing those, but 4 or 5 nights a week, several hours a night, plus extras, no. I can’t.

I have another post queued up, but I’m not sure if it will be posted because I’m worried it could offend people. It’s the biggest reason I’m growing so tired of WoW and MMOs in general, and it’s not the boring repetitive content.

Back on the topic of my week, we’ve also been making plans to go to the cinema in town and see either Avatar or Sherlock Holmes, then for a meal. Actually can’t wait, haven’t been to the cinema since.. either Terminator or Watchmen, whichever was most recent.

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    1. I only post names in positive comments anyway, it’s more of a generic thing though if I water the rage down a little it should be readable 😉

  1. I would love to get into raiding (heck, I’d be happy even doing a 10-man Naxx run), but even as a healer it’s difficult to find groups on my server unless you’re in a raiding guild, which I don’t want to be, because I never want to feel obligated to raid. D:

    1. “I never want to feel obligated to raid. D:”

      That’s exactly my point 🙂 feeling obligated to do something in a game when you don’t particularly want to, but because of the way raiding guilds work, once you sign up, you don’t feel you can just say “sorry guys, not in the mood” etc.

  2. You’re doing it right, when raiding starts to feel like a job you do need to take a break and yes, there is more to WoW than raiding. Sometimes I have trouble with that myself, sometimes I have trouble getting my raiders to understand it.

    As for movies I suggest Sherlock. At least I got more out of it than I did Avatar but I enjoyed both. Sherlock is more classic in nature and the character is much more true to the original than the stereotypical Holmes character with the brown coat and magnifying glass.

    1. and yes, there is more to WoW than raiding.

      Really wish I could find it… 😐

      PVP is boring, unenjoyable, and imbalanced (if I wanted to fight other people, I’d play an FPS or RO’s amazing War of Emperium), 5-mans don’t offer the same chance for extremely inventive encounters and hawt loot, and beyond that… what else is there?
      .-= Rilgon Arcsinh´s last blog ..Chasing Dreams =-.

      1. Hugely agree on PvP though if I can find a quiet bg and I’m in the mood I can enjoy it sort of, though I’m terrible at it but meh.

        The rest, for me, is basically the casual stuff, achievements, alts, that and I still do 10 mans with friends so I guess I’m cheating a tiny bit :p

        1. Mmm, achievements without a reward (aside from points) or one that I don’t want just seem… trivial? Pointless? I dunno, I’ve never been a collector or a completionist. I mean… if I want something, I’ll pursue it aggressively (just look at my Oozeling hunt), but if I don’t want something, why bother, y’know?

          And normally I’d say I don’t like alts, but with Iridormi at 80 and coming into her own as a tank and the concept of a baby Frost Mage for the expressed purpose of just wandering around Dalaran with a Water Elemental pet… meh. 😛
          .-= Rilgon Arcsinh´s last blog ..I think I’m getting this “tanking” thing. =-.

        2. Haha, well everything entertaining can be seen as pointless, that’s my way of saying achievements are THAT bad, I just like the sense of completion and shit you get when you finish something :3

          Yep, they’re pointless, but I find them entertaining enough.

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