After Arthas

As usual I’m late to the party, this shared topic is one I wanted to get involved in and in all my IRL stuff, managed to forget. Ringo from Flinthammer Hall suggested the following topic:

What now? What happens to the world of Azeroth? What happens to the people, the factions. How does this affect the relationships between the Alliance and Horde? What does your character think happens next? Is this the end for you, as a player, especially if you started, as I did, with Warcraft III? Is this the “end of history?”

Other responses from: Zan, Littlebark, and Ophelie.

What happens to the world of Azeroth?

Arthas is dead. Not too soon after, Deathwing breaks free. The world of Azeroth is once again torn asunder (the first time by the destruction of the Well of Eternity), races are left stranded (goblins), entire zones changed by the extreme power of Deathwing. That’s for a different topic, another time.

Looking at the undead armies and the Lich King, as Uther said in Halls of Reflection, Azeroth needs a Lich King. If we didn’t have a Lich King, there would be nobody to control the scourge and stop them from swarming Azeroth. Somebody will need to replace Arthas, and my money is on Bolvar Fortdragon. They don’t necessarily have to be evil, in fact, it’s going to be a huge sacrifice, but a necessary one. For the future of Azeroth.

What happens to the people, the factions. How does this affect the relationships between the Alliance and Horde?

The Alliance and Horde will have to work together to not only defeat Arthas, but decide who the next Lich King will be. Bolvar has lost so much, he has nothing left to lose by making the sacrifice. This causes a temporary truce, though I don’t think it will last long. There will be issues leading upto Wrath which again will cause disagreements between the Horde and the Alliance, at the moment, we only know rumours, not facts.

What does your character think happens next?

My character figures that so much has happened, that it has to come to an end now. She expects that after Kil’jaeden has been defeated, the Lich King, Yogg Saron, and so on, that really, what else could happen? With this thought in mind, you can imagine she gets quite pissed off when Death Wing pops up, determined to give Azeroth some peace.

Is this the “end of history?”

No, of course not. There is still a lot to deal with. Deathwing, the rest of the black dragonflight. The Emerald Dream and what exactly is the nightmare. There are still Old Gods locked away, not to mention the Elemental Lords and Sargeras, if Yogg Saron and C’Thun managed to corrupt people from their prisons, I’m sure others can also. There are endless pieces of lore with loose ends, just because the RTS games haven’t shown it yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t being planned or written. This part is surely more exciting, not knowing exactly what’s around the corner.

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  1. Oh, I like the idea of having Fordragon keep the Scourge in-line without having to become evil! I never thought of that. I was too busy thinking “Noooo don’t corrupt Fordragon! I like Fordragon!” to consider a non-evil option.
    .-= Ophelie´s last blog ..Shared Topic: After Arthas =-.

    1. Yeah, they only said there has to be a Lich King, nothing about they had to be evil. I guess if it was their choice, they wouldn’t have to be corrupted. Of course, no Shadowmourne. Wait.. Frostmourne..
      I meant Frostmourne.

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