Zod’s Repeating Longbow

Kneel before him.

Zod's Repeating Bow

Note: Read the comments for some more information!

So far, it appears to be the best ranged weapon ingame, for the time being at least until hardmodes unlock. I was lucky enough for it to not only drop, but I won it. So I thought I’d throw some numbers and screenshots at you.


This I’m assuming is the proc (Your ranged attacks have a 4% chance to cause you to instantly attack with this weapon for 50% weapon damage.) When compared to the other damaging attacks in the list, it’s the only one I didn’t recognise. 24,000 damage is quite nice, in my opinion, the hits and crits are decentish too. They could be a little more impressive but I’m not complaining, and the damage, speed and dps on the weapon itself are well worth it too. That and it looks like Frank.

For those of you who missed the link in yesterday’s post, Zod’s Repeating Longbow.

Anybody have any real numbers on how good this weapon is compared to say Death’s Head Crossbow from TotGC25?


I also had to share this smexy looking moocow with you.


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  1. Your Draenei looks absolutely hot on her horsey (and to be serious: Draenei ladies are SO hot with her hips and big boobs – and belf ladies are just.. thin – at least that's my opinion, but you did a great dicision :D)!
    Oh and your header looks great too now!

  2. I spent a while tonight comparing Zod’s Longbow to an iLvl 245 Death’s Head Crossbow, and I am afraid to say Death’s Head came out on top.
    Not by much though, but definitely the better DPS for me.

    I was self-buffed (food/flask), using a Survival spec for 5 minutes on the dummy.
    I’ll check it out in MM spec later in the week, and I suppose being raid buffed might change matters as well.

    But it’s always a disappointment when you hit the dummies and your DPS drops….

    1. Aha, I can’t get my hands on Death’s Head at the moment anyway, just curious for future reference. I wouldn’t take it off the other hunter in our guild who’s using a 212 DPS weapon, which is what I replaced 🙂

    2. I currently have the iLevel 245 crossbow. Zod has higher top end damage, which is in theory more ideal for MM hunters. Femaledwarf.com also has indicated that Zod is about an 180 dps compared to Death’s Head (based on my gears and spec, which is MM). So I think I will spend the DKP if it drops tonight. But that equip bonus just makes me cringe…

      1. Yeah indeed, the DPS and top end damage on the weapon is really what attracted me to it over my 212dps Crossbow. The heroic version has 1000 top end damage Oo.

      2. As promised, I have now tested it in my MM spec, and it is a considerable improvement.
        So I agree with xWarrior.

        In Surv spec, my figures did not show it as any sort of upgrade at all (despite femaledwarf saying it would be).
        In MM spec, it proved to be a considerable upgrade, which makes MM my better spec now.

        So, if you are lucky enough to get it, make sure you try it out with different specs to see what suits you best. I am definitely happier with it now than I was 48 hours ago!

        1. Thanks Boran for the update. As luck would have it, Zod dropped last night and I had the highest DKP among the hunters and bid for it. 🙂 Woot for Christmas gifts!

          I spent at least 40 minutes at the target dummy after the raid just testing out the Zod like a mad man. I was completely unbuffed, MM spec w/o arcane shot in my rotation, had my wolf, and did not use Rapid Fire, Readiness, or Call of the Wild. I tried to test the bow out with the minimal buffs to my damage output to see what its baseline upgrade looks like.

          By going through my rotation and completely deplete my mana, I am coming up with about 450k total dmg on the target dummy and averaging 4100 DPS. Compared to about 400K total dmg and averaging 3850 DPS with the iLevel 245 xbow. The quick shot proc stays pretty consistently at ~1% of my total damage with each test.

          So, the Zod appears to have a baseline dps increase of 250 when completely unbuffed. I would expect the dps gain will be close to 500 when 25 men raid buffed and flasked. It indeed is an excellent upgrade for MM hunters even if the proc bonus is inconsequential.

  3. Hi Jaedia, grats on the bow. It certainly is a sick looking ranged weapon.

    How long was the fight for the recount report you posted above? 24k added damage is nice, but it is barely a 1% bonus to your total DPS in that fight.

    Comparing Zod to its ilevel 251 version, Njordnar Bone Bow, I have been debating whether or not to spent the DKP on Zod when it drops for my guild.

    Naturally Zod had better stats than Njordnar, but the equip bonus is very very underwhelming IMO. Is a 4% chance to shoot off, for all intent and purposes, a silencing shot better than increase AP by 69, improve crit rate by 31, and increase hit by 28 (the equip bonus on Njordnar)? I find it such a tough sell for me to spend 50% hard earned DKP on it.

    1. I’m not sure, it was on Heroic Beasts if that helps at all.

      Personally, I think the DPS and the damage can potentially make up for the loss of a couple of stats, though I am by no means a big theorycrafter.

  4. @Arioch – Thanks 😀

    @Windsoar – Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking, the shot itself is the same kind of damage Silencing Shot pulls off, so while it’s small, it’s still a little damage boost. Thanks ^^

  5. Sorry to say I don’t have any numbers for you, but from your results, it looks a top contender. Grats on the gear hon!
    .-= Windsoar´s last blog ..New Content, Old Friends =-.

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