Icecrown Raiding Gear List

Note: Not updated since the first ICC wing.

After a little thought and some chats with a lovely hunter in my guild, I started thinking about a gear list. Not wanting to take items off another player that I probably won’t use so I gave it a go and I’ve been slowly editing it and will continue to do so. It’s important to remember that the T9 2 set, which grants your Serpent Sting the ability to crit, remains better than the T10 4 set, and even some item drops in Icecrown Citadel with awesome starts (I thank Rilgon for finding this out). Some items are still not in the game, so I may update this post at a later date if I find something new to add.

Assuming you have 3 points in Focused Aim, you’ll need to get about 165 hit rating (5%, though correct me if I’m wrong) from gear. Of course, if you don’t and want to find more hit items, you can check the MMO Champion Icecrown gear list. The set below should put you at about 5.24% hit and 68.7% armor pen, with the Scorpion proc giving 48.44% armor pen.

The armor pen cap is 1400, as as such with the Scorpion, you need about 722 armor pen on your gear. Haste may not be an ideal stat but it’s worth keeping Steady Shot at roughly a 1.5 second cast time (the tooltip is bugged, it’s a 2 second cast time without haste), and remember that 523 haste rating is the soft cap needed to lower Steady Shot down to the 1.5 second cast time. Also remember that there is no crit cap for hunters.

Please remember this is my personal preference on gear, some options may not be optimal for everybody, this is purely my opinion, for my own marksman spec, survival may and probably will be different entirely due to not needing to reach the armor pen cap anywhere near as much as marksman hunters. Though feel free to look through and use it or take ideas from it. That is why I posted it 🙂 It is a post I intend to keep up-to-date over the coming months. Also, some items here you may not recognise as I’ve added the horde versions, if you click the wowhead link I’ve added you can see the alliance versions.

Last updated: 18th December 2009

5 thoughts on “Icecrown Raiding Gear List”

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  2. I heavily, heavily disagree. The 4p T10 set bonus is, according to Shandara’s, a gain of about 2% of our total AP – I find that retaining the 2pc T10 bonus (yes, even the 245 versions) is more DPS than any potential helm and legs upgrade from ICC.

    Go plug the numbers in and see what you think. Did a post over at SES about it myself.

    1. Assume you meant the 2pc T9 🙂

      Awesome thanks, annoyingly don’t have access to the spreadsheet, can’t get hold of MS Office and the free version I forgot the name of kept crashing my PC (woohoo…) so I’ve had to guess and wait for other posts.

      But basically you’re saying the 4pc T10 isn’t worth it?

      Thanks for the feedback too, always appreciated 🙂

        1. Ah, well I picked up the legs from Deathwhisper 25 (oops) but aside from that that’s fucking awesome 😀 love the T9 2pc bonus <3

          Though looking at your post, might not be able to get both a Death's Choice and a Deathbringer's Will. I'll have a think when I'm more awake and amend the gear list :p

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