So I’ve Cheated Already…


The thing is, I’ve realised that if I want to level a character, and I have access to heirlooms, it would kill me to not use them. After all, last time I levelled a character 1 to 80, it killed me a little by the time I hit Zangarmarsh. So, as a result I logged into good old Soupdragon, did a few heroics, changed a few emblems to Heroism, then logged into my hunter later and found that she could afford the axe, the shoulders and the chest. So Soup bought a couple of trinkets, the haste one and the PvP one. Figure they’re better than an empty slot, the PvP trinket’s nice for random bgs, and I feel less guilty for wasting Soup’s emblems, who still could use a fair bit of gear from Conquest emblems and TotC 5 man.

Might have possibly had to send over a gold for weapon training too.. but in my defense level 6 warriors who have to boat to Auberdine, then to Stormwind, then tram to Ironforge, and eventually finding the weapon trainer remembering you have 6 silver and not very much to vendor.. So we’ll exclude 1 gold from the end result.

The heirlooms however make the levelling so fast it’s not funny. I got 2 and a half levels of experience in little under an hour. My little space goat is currently sitting at level 8, and being able to near enough one shot everything is awesome. I’m glad I cheated, I’m glad I changed my mind. I’m more likely to level her now, and it has rekindled my want to play my death knight a little too.

Soup I’ve decided to play as Unholy again, I tested out Blood and Unholy specs in separate instances and found Unholy to be more fun and a little more damage. Still sitting at 3k dps though I need to fix her gear a bit.

6 thoughts on “So I’ve Cheated Already…”

    1. Yeah, I play on 2 servers, was lucky enough to this time have 2 80s on this server as opposed to the last time I levelled there, as it isn’t my main server.

      If BOAs were Bind on ACCOUNT then, I could have transferred them over from my Vashj death knight and just bought an axe.

  1. This is exactly what I needed to get me to start levelling my DK again. She’s been sitting at 62 in Zangarmarsh for a couple of months now and I couldn’t find the energy to get on the levelling train again, especially since I just crawled my way to Loremaster on my main toon.
    Thanks for the boost!
    .-= Thrawnator´s last blog ..Lore for Dummies, myself included… (part 1) =-.

    1. DK is fun, I can’t work out though whether I prefer unholy which is my favourite spec, or being able to solo near enough everything with blood.

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