FaeWhy did I make my character look like this when I love elves so much? DPS. I don’t like it, but I’m gonna have to test it out now, some fucking awesome racials is the problem but my God, not sure I want to log in.. feels wrong.

19 thoughts on “Orcified…”

    1. Yeah, please don’t draw an Orc, please don’t. Don’t like it. It’s like a bad hair cut, you think it’s fine then you look in a mirror and oh God you can’t look. You wear a hat to hide it, and so on.

  1. :O My hunter has, and always will be an orc female. You don’t have to be bald ^_^ And indeed, the racials are amazing for hunters.

    To me, I play the race that I like the most. Almost all my alts are female undead, with a couple orcs. Just a matter of preference for me :3
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    1. If she’d started off as orc it’d probably be fine, but she didn’t. I do like orcs, else I wouldn’t have race changed in the first place, I just can’t stand Fae being an orc :<

    1. Yeah.. I thought it would be cool, but you know when you try something and it just feels wrong? To the point that you can’t bring yourself to like it?

        1. Yeah idd, saw that blog post. Tbh as much as I like Blood Elves, the Night Elf run is too weird, I have one nelf, it stays that way (I think at least)

  2. That’s dedication. Me, I’m stubborn, and when people suggest that I do so much as change spec I dig my heels in. When all the other druids turn Worgen, I’ll be clutching my little elfy with white knuckles.

    I actually do love orcs though, and until I get my hands on some proper goblin action (I have a soft spot for goblins in all fantasy settings), they’re my favorite horde race. Now you can sit back and act snobby over how all the horde players are blood elf and how you would never conform to the unwashed masses. <.<;
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    1. They look cool… but it’s not me, I’m only logging on to do the necessities (cooking daily/raid/”wanna come do this?”)

      Bad day anyway so rather not stare at ugly lesbian orc butt while I mope :p

  3. Nice change 🙂 I can at least grudgingly respect an Orc. And you won’t be needing that Thigh Master anymore.
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    1. If they were less green.. and bald… then perhaps I’d less feel the need to choose the purple coat rather than the black one irl to prove I’m not really a lesbian.. *ahem* like I’d do such a thing… (little bit)

  4. Such a commitment to DPS is admirable! I hope that you can come to love your Orc – they have a badass factor that you don’t get with elves, much as I like them too!

    Plus, their dance is hilarious. Watch this video if you need it to be made any more hilarious 😉
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