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I’ve had the idea in my head for a while now, though I suppose it will be a slow project, I’d like to level an alt from 1-80 and see how much money I can make in the process. Basically, to prove that it’s easy to make gold, and there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to afford mounts, flying and so on. I won’t do anything special, just level professions (Herbalism and Alchemy), as well as the secondary professions, and sell almost everything I get on the auction house.

I decided on draenei warrior. I love the draenei race, in fact I’ve become a little attached to the little space goats. I love the hairstyles, and the curves, I hate how skinny blood elves are. Also, have wanted to level a warrior for quite a while now, so I suppose this is the perfect time to do it. I will be levelling on a PvE server where I know a few people, though as I said, it might be quite slow. I’m also slowly working on loremaster, levelling my warlock from 70-80, and possibly starting to raid again soon.

I plan to level with as little help as possible, this means no boosts. Not everybody is able to be boosted, so I’m trying to show how anyone will be able to make money. I’ll try not to use heirlooms, though I might have to get hold of a 2handed heirloom weapon. I might try a battleground or two, maybe attempt to pug an instance, although I can’t and don’t want to tank. I haven’t decided on a spec yet, I’m still just level 6, but I am interested to find out the end result. Plus it’s an excuse to level another alt I guess.

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  2. I’m kind of doing something similar as I (slowly) level my baby paladin. I’m not doing an experiment with money making per say, but I have been making a point of showing people how easy it is to make gold while leveling. I rolled her on a new server (so no twinking!) and grabbed herbalism/skinning. I haven’t been going out of my way to farm or play the AH intelligently and I’ve been spending on gear and conveniance stuff. I broke 1k gold at level 43, and 2k at level 51. I can’t imagine how much I would have made if I were actually farming and using the AH strategically.

    Low level herbs are soooo easy to get and they sell well for decent amounts. Around STV level, leather starts being all over the place too and while I don’t make a lot per stack, I sell so much of it that it doesn’t matter.

    And as Skip mentioned, the heal on herbalism makes it such a win leveling profession. After using it on three characters now, I don’t think I could level anymore without it.
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  3. I really like the size of belves. xD they are hot! Draenai are too hourglassy! but gl with the alt, what realm is it on?

  4. Mounts are dirt cheap these days, and other than the odd AH shopping spree there’s not much else that a levelling newbie needs, really.

  5. This will be educational AND informative!

    I expect spreadsheets, projections, cost effectiveness versus loss and gain, and graphs all up in my face.

    You do that, and I’ll graph my hypothetical female dwarf’s RP progress.
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  6. Ah, some good ol’ fashion altin’. That’s what I like to see. Warrior is probably a good class to do the experiment with since they can’t get away with slacking on gear for very long before they start seriously under performing. Draenei w/ Herbalism is my favorite Warrior, due to the pair of heals which are a saving grace while leveling.

    AH Junkie looking forward to updates.
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