Casual Play

I made a decision that if I end up playing WoW, it will be as a casual, no more proper guild raiding for me. If this happens I’ll end up achievement farming and I really am tempted to go for ‘The Insane’ … I don’t know why but I really want to do it. My priest farmed pirates outside of Booty Bay so much that she was revered with every Goblin faction… which put me off going for Bloodsail Buccaneer rep. However, Fae has only touched the Goblin stuff that she used to level with sooo.. if I’m feeling really crazy I might just do it.

Another thing about being a casual I remembered is not having any use for min maxing anymore! Woohoo. First thing I did was head to the North of Winterspring, and there was my little rare kitty wandering around. He became an ice cube, and can now be seen following me around going by the name of ‘NomNom’. Yay. Never really liked wolves. Suppose I’ll get Shifter out if I ever get into a 10 man or something for the extra DPS but otherwise he’ll be gathering dust…

You know my stable is so full I couldn’t tame another pet. Got my turtle for soloing, sporebat for PvP, bear for the sentimental value (first pet, effort, blabla), wolf and now cat.