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Today’s post is brought to you by Shannon‘s current obsession. It’s not even my obsession and it has snuck its way onto my blog, how does that work, eh? “But Han, what are you on about?” Planners and bullet journals. For those of you currently groaning and scrunching your faces in boredom, yeah, you may leave. I won’t be offended. I’m about to talk about stationery. And I’m not even sorry.

I don’t talk about my love for stationery very much at all. Not online. There’s not much use for paper and pens on the internet. But people who know me offline will likely have seen my eyes light up when I pass the stationery aisle in a shop or an entire shop dedicated to the papery goodness within.

And that’s actually where the internet made my obsession with stationery that much worse. Planners. That being organisers, Filofax, 6-ring binders. You get the idea. This whole entire trend for taking an organiser, intended usually for your day-to-day planning, but sometimes used as a journal, a scrapbook, or something else entirely, and personalising the crap out of it. You can buy and make your own dividers and inserts and make it your own. I bought my Collins personal organiser earlier this year with the intention of decorating it and never quite got around to doing so, though I have found the little calendar inside very useful.

2016-08-03_20.59.29 Planners
My precious

Then there’s scrapbooking, smash booking, journaling, and one more recent trend: the bullet journal. I have seen a few of my friends poking around with the bullet journal, and this is actually where Shannon and myself got talking about this stuff, though I suggested combining the planner trend with the bullet journal trend, because it’s that much more personal when you can move the pages around and do so much more with it.

While I haven’t started customising mine yet, I do have some ideas for it. For starters, I never intended to keep the cover so plain for long. I just bought a cheap planner and planned to probably cross stitch a few designs and make a little cover for it. I’ve got some cheap felt and some fantasy designs in books and magazines that I have been thinking about stitching for it, though again, I just haven’t got around to it.

As for the insides, I don’t know what I want to do. I love what some people come up with, adding all sorts of pockets and little clips to jazz it up. Making custom file dividers, printing out their own inserts, using scrapbooking skills and so on to do so. This is actually where I fall short. I have a bunch of stationery supplies but the ribbons and washi tape and pens and things I’d like to be able to use to make it my own, I just don’t have, which is probably why I’ve kept it at its default for now.

My supplies.. Sharpies: colourful, but the bleedthrough is not fun. My favourite thing is my multi-coloured ink biros, however. 8 colours! Love them.
My supplies – Sharpies: colourful, but the bleed through is not fun. My favourite thing here is my multi-coloured ink biros. 8 colours! Love them.

That and I’m not yet exactly sure what to use the planner for. Though I did get some ideas from this video earlier today:

And then there’s the Pinterest board I’ve been adding to for months now. That is full of ideas. I know I like to have a diary in my planner so that I can keep note of holidays and plans and so on, but what else should I include? Perhaps I should use it for my blogging? I could note down my plans, my ideas, track what has and hasn’t worked, things I still need to do, my schedules. Or I could keep it life focused and write up a small bucket list. Or I could go the bullet journal route after the diary. I’m not sure, at the moment, but talking about it again and remembering all of these great ideas has got my mind swirling and I think it’s about time I started using this very simple tool, while also feeding my love for all things crafty and stationery.

Have any of you given this stuff a try? What worked and didn’t for you?

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  1. Can’t say i’m obsessed with planners, per se, or their “add-ons” (dividers etc.). However, i simply love notebooks. There’s Evernote, of course, for everything found online and more longterm stuff- and ToDo apps like todoist. But those are digital, so they don’t count.
    I have another three analog notebooks, though- for job purposes, private stuff and one to take with me for travels. As my travels often lead me to China and the shops over there have lovely notebooks (like this one: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/The-sketch-painting-retro-hand-sewn-notebook-graffiti-sketch-diary-antique-antique-stationery/1749373_32410588596.html ) with different kinds of title pictures from clean or faux-old to buddhism inspired and over to faux-party-propaganda, i’ll buy another three each time we go there. My wife thinks we have enough of those by now (about 12 that aren’t even unwrapped), but i can’t resist. The same is true whenever i stumble upon nice looking notebooks in local stores.

    1. Yess, I love notebooks too. I always seem to have one for each different project.

      I was actually eyeing up a planner on that shop the other day but my bank account was saved when I discovered they only accept credit cards, which I don’t have.

  2. I use a Passion Planner, and I use it as a combo planner, journal, scrapbook. I like to tape/paste in memorable things (movie tickets, photos sometimes, etc) and I also journal a bit about each day in the weekly spaces. And I do keep track of my appointments and scheduled life stuff there too. I have a separate planner for my blog & art business. I tried doing it all in one, and it was too much for my brain. I’m still not 100% satisfied with my planner situation, but it works for now. Always a work in progress!

    1. That sounds like an awesome idea. 😀 I’m always a bit hesitant to throw certain things away.. Think I still have my ticket stub from Star Wars last year.

  3. I just use an agenda that I write my appointments and things to do in. It’s a nice-looking looking book, but in the inside I mostly try to keep it simple and organized.

    If I’m really having trouble to do things (I’m awesome at procrastinating things I’m dreading), I may take a sheet of paper and draw what I need to on it with a couple of markers, then hang it up my wall so I get reminded of it constantly, but in a more positive way. Somehow conceptualizing what you need to do by drawing helps me getting started with it in the first place.

    1. This is kinda similar to what I currently do. When I need a kick, I write my list in one of my notebooks and cross things out as they’re done. Messy, but it helps get my thoughts in order. Not very colourful, mind you!

  4. I’m on my first ever try on a custom notebook and I’m doing it with the bullet journal style-ish. So far I really love it 🙂 Adding custom pages in between is amazing. I chose to use the numbered page notebook everyone seems to use as I’m not really that big of a fan of binders 🙂

  5. I started a journal last year, the plan was to upgrade it to some sort of planner / scrapbooking thing. With lots of glued in stuff and drawings, notes etc. I never really did upgrade, couldn’t find a book + cover that I liked, and with all the extra scapbooking things etc it would have cost so much. When it comes to buying things like these, it’s so expensive here :/
    I hope to get some things for it at a later date though, I want a book filled with loads of stuff, a big fat book!!!

    1. You could use wrapping paper for the cover and just get yourself some multicoloured paper, glue, maybe some gel pens, and go from there. Start simple, you can always expand as and when. 😀

      And yay for big fat books!

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