Number 5 is Alive! …ish

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I’m not quite dead! Promise. I’m also not entirely ‘back’, either. I’ve found that my blogging mojo just hasn’t been present as much since writing for MMOGames, even less so on days when I get busy doing more behind-the-scenes bits and bobs. But I miss just writing about stuff that I love and not having to worry about how I’m wording things and quality and stuff because here – it’s just me. My space, my life, my passions. Me.

Still, it’s very much a fleeting thing, I mostly just wanted to stick something more current up here to let you know that Dragons & Whimsy is still alive.

Plus.. I thought “I’m not dead” was a good opener for a post all about the zombie kick I seem to have fallen on this weekend.

Yeah, so, that wasn’t the best segway ever but we’re on to point number two now, aren’t we?

Some Rambling About Rift and Colouring

I’ve been playing Rift recently. I finally got to max-level in this expansion and I’ll likely check out my guild’s raids somewhat. As long as they’re similar enough to how they ran them back when I played before, they should be good fun.

However, yesterday I got to a point where I needed a break. I was feeling a bit lonely being home alone on yet another Saturday evening and decided that all I wanted to do was watch telly and cross-stitch and colour. Yes, as in colouring books. There’s something relaxing and absorbing about personalising an already beautiful piece of art with your own colour and shading ideas. Cross-stitch gives a similar sense of relaxation. Of looking at a thing and thinking “yep, I made that.” It’s very cool.

On To the TV Bit

Anyway, I digress. I watched a couple of comedy shows on BBC iPlayer then an episode of Doctor Foster which is fantastic but so depressing and then I was at a loss. So I stuck the latest Supernatural on, which had a little bit of a zombie-esque feel to it and was of course wonderful. Then I figured I’d give Fear the Walking Dead a go, at last. And binge-watched the entire thing over some cross-stitch.

Fear the Walking Dead


I adore The Walking Dead. It’s one of my favourite shows (unrelated sidenote: it feels a little odd typing in British-English again), the Telltale games were absolutely amazing, and I’ve started on the comics, too. I wasn’t sure if I’d like Fear the Walking Dead. I watched one episode of that Z Nation show last year and I think deep down, I expected that, but what I found instead was a show on par with The Walking Dead.

For those of you who aren’t aware yet, though I expect most who care are, Fear the Walking Dead is a spin-off of The Walking Dead set right back when the zombie virus first broke out when Rick is in the hospital. It is in the same universe and has names like Kirkman and Nicotero in the show’s credits. It follows a family, a mother, her junkie son, and her straight-A daughter, along with her boyfriend, his ex-wife, and his son.

The show takes a few episodes for the proverbial shit to hit the fan, instead focusing on character building and the odd hint of things to come. This time, we see society crumble and what life is like during the first few weeks of the outbreak, which gives it a slightly different feel to The Walking Dead, though I expect it will catch up to its predecessor’s pacing. Ultimately, I loved it and was disappointed that there are currently only 6 episodes. If you enjoy The Walking Dead and/or zombie stuff, try Fear the Walking Dead. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Puns glorious puns <3
Puns glorious puns <3

So I had to go looking for a new show, which is beginning to become a problem for me. I’m behind on Game of Thrones by choice, and I really have to be in the right mood for superhero and sci-fi stuff so that really limits my options. iZombie hasn’t long gone on Netflix so I tried that one and hit another homerun.

iZombie is based on a series of comics in which a med school student goes to a party one night, and wakes up a zombie. She takes a job on the morgue – brains, you understand – and ultimately ends up using her new power to help solve murder cases. Oh, when she eats brains, she gets visions related to the person whose brain she ate. Yep. It’s a pretty fun series and of course it comes with other sub-plots and so on. It’s pretty good.

This brings me on to my problem. Once I finish this, I don’t know what I’ll be in the mood to watch. I like to have something on the go if I’m grinding in an MMO, feeling apathetic, or just to go along with my stitching. And right now, I’m either going to have to delve into shows I only half want to watch, or finally start rewatching favourite shows. I do the vast amount of my TV and movie watching on my PC so it can become a struggle. Maybe there’s some kind of web series out there that I’ve missed out on.. I dunno. But I definitely think I need to pick my reading groove back up to scratch my story-craving itch.

Go Team Z!

3 thoughts on “Number 5 is Alive! …ish”

  1. I’m not sure of any shows in the same strain as the zombie stuff, but I really enjoyed Sense8 (though slow to build-up, shit hits the fan and then keeps hitting the fan and “holy crap wut”). I also like to watch Dollhouse when I’m in need of a serious binge-fix. M*A*S*H is another one, and I’ve recently been trying Gilmore Girls for the first time, though that’s a hit-or-miss depending on my moods. Hubs and I have also recently gotten into Person of Interest. While it takes some time to develop (if I had given it my normal 3 episodes, I wouldn’t have gotten into it), and some of the beginning episodes made me go, “Really? That’s totally improbable/implausable/wtf are they thinking” the plot is really starting to kick in and get really good.

    Don’t know if any of those helped, but figured I’d give some suggestions other people gave me. 🙂

    1. Yeah. I like to binge-watch good TV shows but I’m quickly running out now. Eek! 4 episodes of iZombie left (including the first of the new series). Remembered I still need to catch-up on Sleepy Hollow, and check out some of the lesser known shows like Z Nation, Orphan Black, then there’s a ton of sci-fi and superhero shows I’ve not even tried yet if I can get in the mood for them. Guess I’m not running out but I’m sure you’re aware of my fantasy love. 😉

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