Sunday Post: What Is the Sunday Post?

How’s about a bit of a format to this “Sunday Post” I seem to have magically started. Honestly, it began entirely randomly. I was posting on a Sunday, thus Sunday Post. But what if I made it more of a play on words.. so it’s a post on a Sunday, but it’s also about new stuff so also post like mail (except not always mail) and maybe the odd letter and leaflet telling you about Graze boxes or the new restaurant that opened up. And occasionally you get a phone book with numbers of fun new stuff and people.

So along those lines, what if Dragons and Whimsy’s Sunday Post focused on the ‘incoming’ goodies, interesting and fun new things I’ve come across – including new content creators as well as new websites and such, maybe with the odd letter thrown in to sum up what’s been going on (where I’ve not already talked about it of course). It could work if I keep up with the idea!

Prettifying the Place Up

Speaking of new things around here, I’ve been fiddling with the blog’s design. I’d picked up a plugin called CSS Hero which lets you easily edit the appearance of your blog and after fiddling with it and finding it a bit difficult to handle, I came to a compromise where I used some CSS Hero and just sodding edited the CSS myself. I’m using WordPress’s CSS Editor so if I do make a horrible mistake it’s easy to remedy, as well as Google-fu to make sure I get my codes right where I found a wonderful colour picker for HEX codes.

I’m really pleased with the current result of my fiddling though there is still a lot of smaller tweaks that need sorting and I’m actively looking to commission a header image. I have a kind of.. dreamy/watercolour/storybook styled idea in mind. If you can help or know anybody who can, let me know. I want to get my stamp on the blog effectively and the summary is basically stories, fantasy, escapism, games, books. I’ve been looking into scrapbooking/journalling and I really want my blog’s design to reflect this kind of feel because my blog is basically my scrapbook/journal through the things that I care about.

Book Community

I’m also in the process of updating my blogroll and will be adding more BookTubers as I’ve been really enjoying watching their videos recently and it’s inspired me to see about rekindling my bookish side somewhat. This means reopening myself to the book community – which is why I signed up for BookLikes and I’m trying to work out how people use Instagram – and I’m looking at really tidying up my book collection. I have A LOT. I love having a huge collection, that’s cool, but some of the books I’ve had through from publishers in the past I don’t even have a vague interest in so I need to go through my collection and just be ruthless. Swap, sell, donate. Ooh and I’ve almost finished a book! (this is currently very exciting to me, shush) I’m thinking about reviewing it but perhaps not in the style I used to review. I’ll just go with the flow, I think. No ratings though. Sod that.

All in all, I’m really excited to be balancing things more and I look forward to gaming a little, reading a little, and blogging about it. And seeing what you have to say on your corners of the interweb as well! Any blogs I may have missed in my absence? PLEASE let me know either in the comments, via Twitter, or even by email. Multi-topic blogs like mine are most welcome.

Happy Sunday!

12 thoughts on “Sunday Post: What Is the Sunday Post?”

  1. I’ve recently discovered Instagram too – I like it, but I haven’t quite discovered the knack of using it to get people to my actual blog. Oh well, I’ll survive.

    I keep going through phases with BookTube – I’ll spend aaaages watching videos for a week or so and then suddenly forget about it for another month. I like the idea of it, but it’s just so much easier for people to ANNOY you in a video :p

    1. Hanna <3

      I have that with BookTube. I kinda flit between BookTube, gaming stuff, and then just randomness from Wheezy Waiter and Think Tank.. and other periods where I don't go near YouTube.
      Hahahaha. True. xD

  2. I’m looking forward to more bookish stuff! I wish I knew of someone to suggest for a header image. Though I’m sure some other lovely blogger folks have plenty of ideas. ^_^

    1. Thanks! I need to go back and make sure my past posts are all categorised properly so I can say “there’s lots in my archives”. *cough*

      Nothing just yet. Will have to put together something placeholder in the meantime and keep an eye out.

  3. I’ve missed your bookish stuff! I think a lot of people are moving away from traditional reviews and just chatting about books now. It’s all good.

    1. Me too! *hugs* And I’ve got self-proposed ‘chill more, damnit’ policies now. Woo!

      That sounds perfect. This blog is more of a chatty place than a well.. review-y place so I will need to do things a little differently. Plus I think it’ll be more fun for me and my readers! It will be meshed in with my other stuff, but that’s the price of sanity. 🙂 Then again, my categories should cover any issues with that aspect of my blog so it should be fun.

    1. My interests seem to wax and wane and with this blog I never really felt “settled” with my design so finding a theme I really like has kinda gotten me empassioned about making it my own. 😀 It takes away that time from gaming and reading and stuff but I’m enjoying myself so it’s all good.

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