[Review] Glass Houses by Rachel Caine

Author: Rachel Caine
 The Morganville Vampires #1
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Age Group: Young Adult
Publisher: Alison & Busby
Pages: 348
Published: 2006
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First sentence:

On the day Claire became a member of the Glass House, somebody stole her laundry.

Claire Danvers is a smart 16 year old college freshman. When she gets on the wrong side of the dorm psycho, she knows she has to run or risk her life. This is how she ends up joining the Glass House, a house of unlikely teenagers who she connects with pretty quickly. And who wouldn’t? They’re warm and welcoming, but they have secrets of their own, and Claire isn’t entirely sure what to believe when they assure her that the town is run by vampires and she would be wise to not go out in the dark without Protection, which she most definitely doesn’t have.


Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, this book was one big pleasant surprise. From the moment I saw my best friend’s Twilight-loving girlfriend ((who by the way I am not being snide over, she is lovely!)) squee over them in The Works, I saw teen vampires and figured, “Oh God, another Twilight copy.” But how wrong I was! The Morganville Vampires series focuses on a group of teens trying not to get on the bad side of the vampires who run the town, and these are not tame vampires and the town is entirely corrupt, and how they fail quite miserably at it. It’s quirky, it’s fun, it’s fast-paced, and it’s even a little haunting and sad in parts, and it includes some excellent twists I did not see coming. I believe this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I loved every second of it and devoured it in a day. For those of you who know what a slow reader I am, you should know that is quite an accomplishment. It takes a lot to impress me in fiction but Glass Houses managed it and I’ve been pining desperately everytime the postman walks past for books 2 and 3 to arrive because I need more! I’m actually preparing to tackle him now..

And the characters! Oh I fell in love with all of them. Except Monica. She’s an utter psycho. And Oliver frightened me a little. But the rest were wonderful! Claire, the protagonist, is a very sympathetic character. You can’t help but feel for her. She’s always been seen as an outcast because she’s so intelligent (she’s 2 years ahead in school) and she isn’t particularly attractive either, just “average”. She comes across as being so normal and you love her for it. Little gothic Eve is adorable, even if she does quite frequently “flip off” folk who annoy her or hurt her friends, which is less adorable but pretty hilarious and she is totally lovely. Michael has his secrets, but he cares very deeply for them all and is just as funny as Shane when he’s in the mood, and oh my God, Shane! He had me in stitches, seriously, and he is such a sweetheart. He might be my favourite male romantic interest so far, or at least on par with Clayton. ((from Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten.))

I did notice an issue with the dialogue formatting, though I’m not sure if it’s just my copy, which is an oldish second-hand copy, or something that’s actually present throughout. Sometimes somebody will be talking and then the next thing they say is on a new paragraph. As it’s still related it disjoints the flow a little. Even worse, somebody will say something, and then in the same paragraph, somebody else will say something. It was a little off-putting but not too bad and it was my only real criticism. It’s difficult to criticise a book that you can read and enjoy after 3 hours of sleep.

I recommend you give Morganville a try if you haven’t yet. You can nine times out of ten find them in The Works or charity shops, it’s always up on the Amazon Marketplace and swap sites and of course in the library, and it is definitely worth paying full price for. This is not your average teen vampire series, it has a great story with loveable characters and is thoroughly enjoyable. Though, if you don’t like cliffhangers, make sure you get hold of the next in the series.

The Morganville Vampires series:

1. Glass Houses
2. The Dead Girls’ Dance
3. Midnight Alley
4. Feast of Fools
5. Lord of Misrule
6. Carpe Corpus
7. Fade Out
8. Kiss Of Death
9. Ghost Town
10. Bite Club
11. Last Breath
12. Black Dawn
13. Bitter Blood
14. Fall of Night
15. Daylighters

12 thoughts on “[Review] Glass Houses by Rachel Caine”

  1. Strangely I was given the first in the series to read by my Father in Law who has got a bit of a Vampire novel addiction of late. Since then I’ve powered through the first eight in the series before getting swept away by “The Wise Man’s Fear” (Patrick Rothfuss). I really need to finish them though!

  2. I read this one a couple of years ago and then never continued on with the series. I did like it so maybe I’ll go back at some point, reread this one, and then continue on. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed this one so much!

  3. I really need to finish these – I have up to the eighth (I think) but I’ve only read the first two. I don’t know why I stopped really, I think I got distracted by something shiny.

    1. Most likely, haha! Same reason I haven’t read books 4 onwards in the Sookie series despite owning them all. But yes, you do! There are 11 now, I picked up 7,8,9,10 in The Works so they are really easy to get hold of, and I know my library has 1-10 (spread across the county but still).

  4. I thought the same thing when I saw this series and now after your review I feel I may have to change my mind and check this series out!

  5. I’ve walked past these so many times in The Works but I’m enjoying her Weather Warden series so I’ll probably give them a go when I’m finished. At 3 for a fiver you can’t really go wrong.

  6. I’ll have to try these. I’d avoided them just because there were so many in the series, and I suppose I kind of assumed that she was cranking out Twilight clones. But this sounds as though it has possibilities.

    I confess I laughed so hard at “butter my butt and call me a biscuit”. 😀

    1. They’re so easy and quick to read and very easy to get hold of too! Definitely worth a try, and ha, I couldn’t resist. I almost plopped in the lolcat to go with but it’s a review after all 😉

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