NaNoWriMo Progress: Almost There!

I am what you would call a slow-but-steady nanoer, and a pantser. I take it slow. Some days I manage 2,500 words, others I can barely break 1,000, but I get it done and I keep up and now I have two days left to write 3,200 words and I should bloody well hope that that means what I think it does – that on my third year of saying I’ll give it a go, I might finally hit NaNoWriMo’s 50,000 word count!

Some of you might think, “Yeah, and? I manage way over 100,000 a month, what’s the big deal?” others might go with, “Well okay, colour me impressed, I barely manage 1,000 in a month.” Then there’s the rest of you mad lot. Whatever. It’s a huge achievement for me. I’ll get my 50% Scrivener discount (WOOHOO) and I’ll have finally, FINALLY, written a bloody novel. It has been my dream for as long as I can remember to be. an. author. You know? And finally, I’m doing something about that.

In the next couple of days my first ever story will have a complete draft 0.5 and then whether it takes me a year or several I shall rewrite and edit like a bitch until I have something I’m happy with and then force it on some unsuspecting beta readers before I ever consider trying to find an agent or even go into the world of indie publishing. I have a lot of editing and research to do before I even consider where I go when I reach the end, but being a book blogger and being in contact with some fantastic indie author people has really opened my eyes to what you can do if you decide not to take the traditional route. Just know that at some point I will have books out there that you will be able to read and I will work damn hard to get them up to scratch.

I also started a second book in the past week. I wasn’t in the mood to get on with The Flight of the White Moths, my main novel, so I started writing something completely different which is based on a few dreams I had a while back. Very loosely, might I add. If I copied it directly from my brain I’d be chasing David Tenant the vampire down the street after marrying Barry from Eastenders and later convincing an old school friend not to steal my blood for Scientific testing. That story isn’t going to happen, sorry, but there are aspects I want to use. My main novel is a dark fairy tale set in a magical world with a great overshadowing of evil, almost dystopian in fact. Did I mention there is magic and a talking cat and zombies? Written from two perspectives, those of the main female and the main male characters, and in the close third person perspective. My second is an urban fantasy written from a first person perspective about a party girl who meets a vampire and yeah on it goes. I shall work on making that more unique, but my point stands they are two pretty different styles. There’s also an epic fantasy in my head which I don’t want to write until I’ve had a lot more writing experience because that is the story I truly love, I won’t lie, it needs a lot more time to grow, however. Anyway! Man I ramble sometimes.. I’m enjoying coming up with different stories now that I have things in my head that I’m confident I can do something with.

Watch this space. I shall be hitting 50,000, claiming my 50% Scrivener discount, and eventually there will be published books. It’s happening. When I’m ready. I mean it.

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  1. Huge congratulations to you for getting that far and almost certainly reaching your 50k target. I really wanted to join in on NaNoWriMo this year but unfortunately it was a month also featuring the due date on one paper and the next had to be started in November as well, so I just couldn’t justify spending all my energy on writing fiction :/ I’ve wanted to become an author ever since I was 11 and really got hooked on Tamora Pierce and David Edding’s books (and all the rest) and I hope I’ll be able to finally sit down one day and get to work on fulfilling that dream!

  2. Congratulations on finally getting to the end! My husband did Nano this year. It was his third year and he finally finished–he’s a slow and steady person, too. I hope editing goes well for you 😀

  3. Wow, you’ve done so well, I’m jealous you’ve only got 3k words left. I’ve got 14k left to do. But my goodness am I going to complete it! I am going to sit and write, write, write over the next two days. I WILL finish.
    Although saying that I am 35k words in but nowhere near the end of my book. But as long as I hit 50K it will be OK, and i can more to it after.
    I then also hope to edit, re-read, re-edit. Scramble, throw away and completely reconstruct to make it something that I can hopefully get published.

    Good luck with yours, I’m sure you can make it. Talking cats and Zombies sounds like a great combination, definitely something I would pick up

    1. You can do it!!
      I’m a little jealous that yours is already going to be over 50k words. Mine’s almost finished and I’d like it to be at least 100k in the end!

  4. You have quite an active imagination…talking cats? So awesome! Anyway, I have an epic fantasy being stored away in my head as well! I sometimes feel like in order to outline it right, I’ll have to spend a week in the woods…

    1. Sadly, my epic fantasy doesn’t have much of a plot, I just have characters and a general picture of parts of the world in my mind. I know two of the characters are on the move but why and where they’re going and how they met and all of those important things aren’t there yet. One day I shall form it properly and I will love the story to pieces until it exists.

  5. Congratulations! I admit the 50% off Scrivener was one of my big motivations. 🙂

    Magic, a talking cat and zombies? I want to read that SO BAD.

  6. I was wondering what you nanowrimo writers would be doing with your scribblings after the month is done. Glad to see you’re going to work at editing and reworking, seems a shame for those who just file it away but at the same time I don’t think people need to read the raw material that comes out of it.

  7. GO HANNAH GO! You can do it!

    This month was all about practice for me, so while I completed my 50K, I’m not going to do anything with this story. It was a learning experience. I am, however, ready to write something else. I am already in the planning stages. 🙂

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