Fangtastic Fridays Week 3

I probably should’ve (yeah I really should have) been doing this all along but I didn’t think of it because I’m a bit slow sometimes. This week’s host is zee Geeky Blogger. Only one week left! *sob*

Discussion Questions for Chapters 13 – 18

1. Samantha and Amaliya meet in less than “ideal” circumstances for either one of them.  What would your reaction have been if you were Sam? Amal? Cian?

If I was Samantha I would have absolutely jumped to (the right) conclusions and stormed out crying, refusing to speak to anybody involved. Amaliya.. eaten Samantha, nomnomnom. No.. err.. perhaps have gone away for a while and gotten a bite to eat? No. Amaliya wouldn’t have done that. At least have stayed out of the way so as not to make things worse, which she did close enough. As for Cian well, he’s in denial at this point so how could I say? He clearly doesn’t care for Sam like he thinks he does and has fallen for Amal soo.. he has to balance it. Carefully. He wouldn’t want to upset either and being as he knows Sam much better, if I was Cian I’d have comforted her first.

2. Cian takes Amaliya on a training feed run—What did you think?  Did it go the way thought it would?

I didn’t really think about it to be honest but my first thought was about the metal club. Kinda reminded me of when I used to go out drinking and ‘clubbing’ (I totally think of trance and dance music when I think of clubbing, but this was a rock club) and everyone would just drink and feel the metal. So that was a fun memory. But it was nice to see Amal learn how to “behave” herself when it comes to feeding. But I totally didn’t expect zombie Rob and she’s a summoner? Oh my god!

3. When Amaliya is recounting her dream of  her awakening did you feel differently about it than you did at the beginning?  Has it changed your opinion of the professor’s/summoner’s actions?

I don’t feel differently, no, it’s still a horrific thing for Amaliya to have been through, but yeah it has changed my opinions. He does seem to be up to something, as he tried to raise her? But he also fed her? I don’t have a clue at this point what he was trying to do but definitely interesting.

4. Samantha meets Jeff in this chapter.  What did you think of Jeff and his job as it relates to Cian?

First of all, I was a total Buffy fangirl in my teens and Jeff is NOTHING like Giles. Jus’ sayin’. Samantha’s a bit of a ditz. In all honesty, Jeff makes me feel uneasy. Vampire hunters? *shudder* He reminds me too much of the brainwashed preacher character who just blindly does what he thinks is right without considering his options first. Sure it makes sense to look after the human population but with all of this territory shite and vampire hunters and the Summoner, poor Amaliya doesn’t have a CHANCE on her own.

5. Roberto “removes” Amaliya from Cian’s place.  What was your reaction to his choice of places and his decision to do this in the first place?

Bit harsh to send her to a place that’s so obviously going to get her killed, or would if Cian wasn’t so awesome. But I’ll admit, the bin thing made me laugh. Even so, he did truly seem to think he was protecting Cian from himself so I didn’t think too much of it apart from how clearly selfish he was being. It just would have been nice if he’d left her somewhere less likely to get her into trouble.

6. OMG!  Don’t want to give anything away before you read this chapter!  So I will simply say—what the heck was your reaction to what happened in San Antonio?  (I really did think this was a turning point chapter)

Well the bit where Amal was brutally beaten was kinda nasty. I worried it’d go to rape actually but thank god it didn’t. I don’t think I could have taken another rape scene. Then we heard a little about Cian’s backstory which was really interesting and some sexual tension between dumb-ass blonde and nerd-man.. *shudder* AND THEN like.. “rise ye dead fucks”. Can we say my reaction was, “AHAHAHAHAHA!” ? So win.

12 thoughts on “Fangtastic Fridays Week 3”

  1. Well, we seem to have different impressions of Jeff, though I do agree that he is no Giles…but he could belong to the Watcher’s Council.

    Still, I thought he was a pretty cool guy.

    And yeah, that line was totally win! Amal is so funny, even when she’s been beaten to a pulp.

  2. Poor Samantha!! LOL. I don’t get the Sam hate. She’s so loyal to Cian and determined to save him from evil. She’s feisty and determined to do what is right even though the odds are definitely against her. If you knew nothing about Amaliya and the story was only from Samantha’s point of view, would you feel the same about Sam?

    Poor Sam!

    As for Roberto, my gawd…isn’t he such a little bitch?? I had fun writing him, but I wanted to punch him half the time.

    Thanks for your observations. I’m really enjoying them! (even if you want Sam eaten. *sniffle*)

    1. Haha, as a side character I get her, but when you put it that way, if the story was from her point of view – yeah I’d probably actually hate her a little bit with all of her perkiness! xD But yeah, I think I did put a little note in my Kindle when we first saw her viewpoint just before she met Amaliya damning you for making her more sympathetic right at that point. Just thought you should know 😉

      And ha! Those characters are the most fun to write.

    1. Delusional is a good way to look at it. It’s probably his greatest dream just to be human again and so he kids himself otherwise. The fact that him and Sam can’t have sex much (if at all) only furthers that. I do kinda feel bad for them both.

  3. We pretty much had the same reactions! I know I thought there was going to be a maybe rape scene and I was shuddering. I just wasn’t sure that Amal could take one more thing but then BAM—here come the dead. I flashed to The Stand (mini-series) and the guy ringing his bell say “Bring out the Dead”! Except I added “Bring out the Dead to Kick some *ss”

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