The Wise Man's Fear – Patrick Rothfuss

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Did I really just read a 1,000 page epic fantasy novel in 2 weeks? Wow. I expected that to take me a month, but see, that’s the thing with Patrick Rothfuss. He is such an utter genius with words that you can’t help but be completely drawn in by them, completely tantalised in the story. There is a story on the cover jacket from Ursula Le Guin that sums it up much better than I could, and she is spot on:

“It is a rare and great pleasure to find a fantasist writing not only with the accuracy of language that is essential to fantasy-making, but with true music in the words as well. Wherever Pat Rothfuss goes with the big story that begins with The Name of the Wind, he’ll carry us with him as a good singer carries us through a song.” I have a feeling this is a quote from the Name of the Wind jacket, but I believe I might well have a first printing of that one so there aren’t many quotes on my copy.

The characters who we already know from The Name of the Wind have been developed a little further. Wil and Sim have a lot more character to them than they did in book one, and I found myself really despising Denna. The newer characters to the story are a lot more well built than sub-characters in the first book. It’s nice to see Rothfuss’ growth as a writer in that sense.

As for the story, I found myself utterly enthralled in parts, and a little bored in others. However, Rothfuss never seems to fail to bring my attention back with a change in pace, perhaps an interesting conflict thrown in, sometimes even a change in scenery. That is what keeps the story feeling fresh and enjoyable to read, and that is why The Wise Man’s Fear is as good as, if not a little better than, The Name of the Wind.

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    1. Definitely! Name of the Wind first, this is the second in the series. Both worth reading 😀

      Luckily, I don’t tend to run out of things to read. Probably have more than a hundred unread books on my shelf (slight book buying addiction crossed with working in a charity shop *whistle*). Finally giving Philippa Gregory a read, the one I picked up first isn’t too bad, thankfully. Picked up 4 of hers in the past year.

  1. I loved this book as well! The worst part of it was knowing that it was going to end, and that we probably have to wait a couple of years for the next one.

    I’m still a bit on the fence about Denna. If she is given enough background story in the next book, enough to explain her strange behaviour, I think she is a great character. But without that background her growth seems a bit flat compared to the other characters.

    1. Have been having a discussion on one of my Goodreads groups about the book, and I think the general consensus is that, without spoilers, we think she will develop in the next book, and that her patron, ‘Master Ash’, will be highly significant.

      Why don’t you have a blog btw? Fairly certain that’s one I’d like to read!

      1. I think I agree with your Goodreads group.

        Been thinking of starting a blog. At the moment I write my book reviews at Goodreads. Maybe I’ll take the step and move/copy those to a blog, and write something else to accompany the book reviews as well. Knowing someone might want to read it makes it all the more tempting! Problem is finding time to do everything.

        1. It’s not that bad to be honest ^^
          Especially if you started out with a free WordPress or Blogspot blog. The themes are dead easy to set up, and you can just copy and paste your Goodreads reviews to the blog (that’s what I tend to do, sometimes I’ll edit/add to the blog review, though). Most book bloggers seem to prefer Blogspot, I’m a WordPress girl myself.

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