Jane Eyre & The Tempest

Oh my god!! Why did nobody tell me they were making a new version of Jane Eyre?! I hold you all responsible. This looks absolutely amazing, just look at the production quality! And Judi Dench as Mrs. Fairfax! I loved this novel so, so much and I have to see this. The thing is, I can’t think of a single person locally who would see it with me. I’m not cruel enough to force anybody to sit through something like Jane Eyre if it’s not their thing, and so I am genuinely considering going to the cinema on my own to see it. I know that’s one of those social taboo thingies and I usually avoid doing so, but my god I can’t miss Jane Eyre. The website says ‘in selected theatres March 11th’, so I suppose I’ll have to keep my eye out for it.

While looking for the British cinema times for Jane Eyre (“selected theatres” doesn’t sound all that promising), I came across another movie I would consider going to the cinema on my own to see. The Tempest is a lovely play.


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  1. In theory, I hate going to the movies by myself. But whenever I do, it’s such a wonderful experience. For some reason it’s much easier for me to suspend reality and really fall into a film when I’m watching it alone. And by ‘alone’ I, of course, mean ‘with a room for of others but all of them strangers’. Can’t wait for Jane to air.

    1. Hehe, see what you did there ^^
      That’s an interesting thought. I’ve always managed to do that anyway, with people or no, so I’m not sure if it would make much difference. All I can do is just go and find out for myself I suppose.

  2. Nothing wrong with going to the movies by yourself. I actually prefer going by myself because then I don’t spend the entire time worrying that the other person isn’t enjoying themselves. Only downside of going by yourself is that you might sit next to an overly friendly person who takes your alone status as an open invitation to follow you around after and talk your ear off. (True story)

    I saw the trailer for Jane Eyre, but I’m not sure if I want to go see it. I liked the book enough, but I usually don’t like movies if I’ve read the book first.
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    1. That’s true. Never know if Dan doesn’t mind or if he’s just saying that so I don’t feel horribly guilty.

      Ha… creepy. I tend to get that in pubs, whether I’m alone or not. Those people are, at the very least, fueled by alcohol.

      It depends on the book. Sometimes I like to see how they’ve adapted it for the screen, I tend to like the movie less if I’ve very recently read the book. If I wait a few months I’ll probably forget more or less what I’ve read anyway and it’ll be fine. (True story). Though I’ve had it the other way around too. Loved True Blood, read the first book, hated it. I put it down to knowing the story from the series, and the author not being too great. Still, I bought the box so I’ll slowly work through them. Heard the later ones are different to the series. *fingers crossed*

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