And Thank You

I had so many comments on last night’s post that rather than reply to each individual one, I decided to just least a post saying a huge, heartfelt thank you to all of you – even those who didn’t comment because sometimes I know that you don’t have to say anything to care, you just do. So, thank you for the lovely comments, you guys almost made me cry *shakes fist*.

The WoW blogging community is the most supportive one I have ever been a part of and I love you guys, you always manage to make me smile. Whenever I do #followfriday ((or #ff)) on Twitter, I always base it on who has made me smile that week. I scroll through everybody who has mentioned me in the past week, and I will link to those guys (unless you were mean, then no love for you!) because people who make others smile always deserve a mention and a bit of link love.

Also, ha, loved the suggestion for T-Shirts and mugs – would anyone even buy a ‘Lazy Sniper’ mug? And the apologies were because I’ve always been just a little against putting ads on my site, but you gotta do what you gotta do. My next post will be more Lazy Sniper-esque, I swear. 😉 (WTB better smilies).

18 thoughts on “And Thank You”

  1. Late to the conversation, but…. hey, you gotta pay for this hosting jazz, advertise if you need to or traumatize us all with a move to free hosting. Yuck! lol

    Apparently, I’ve only THOUGHT about commenting on some of the things the last month or so instead of clicking through, because I absolutely love how snazzy everything looks. Your banner, in particular, is awesome.

    Finally, as much as we would always like to find the root cause of things, sometimes it is JUST BECAUSE. As I’m sure many a person suffering from depression either solo or as a result of bipolar disorder, etc. will tell you–sometimes it’s just the season.

    Sending you happy thoughts and much love ~

    1. Hehe thank you, took a little while, the Priest image in tier 6 did not want to play ball for a bit. So if it looks at all dodgy, that’s why :p it was that or blocks of blue behind her head, or no halo! Agh!


    1. Haha, you have no idea how much spam and how many search terms related to sniper gear I get, and I’m not talking pixels. It makes me giggle.

  2. Hey I get a free mug for suggesting it… or I’ll just use a permanent marker on my current mug and write “The Lazy Sniper” on it if the mug plan doesn’t go through ok?
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    1. *giggle* I might actually find a site I can do that on without any cost, just like a deduction fee from sales, because it sounds fun :p

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