Screw Burnout, I’ll Play My Warrior

So I haven’t stopped playing WoW, despite what my lack of posting might say, I didn’t feel I needed to. Of course, when I grew bored I logged off, but I kept doing things on Fae (mostly dailies and my Zul’Gurub/Attuman soloing) and levelling my Human Warrior, Briella, who is now level 35 and levelling fairly quickly as Arms.

She has been combing through a few zones. I did Duskwood for the first time ever and learnt the joys of stumbling upon elites that enjoy nomming your face around every corner *grumbles* I ran into the skeleton guy 3 times, and the dude in the hat twice. Somebody could have told me that would happen! Aside from the stupid elites, I liked Duskwood, it’s an interesting little zone – I especially loved the Orchard, it’s quite a nightmarish area.

As I level I’m doing a few random dungeons, as I always have done since the implementation of the random dungeon finder tool. Once in a while I’ll get one of those groups, which is when I take over the tanking because I do more threat than the tank and take less damage than the Rogue. Shoo Rogue! I’ve alsohad some nice groups. Last night I was teamed up with a few random people who I stuck with for a little bit, we did 3 instances together before going our separate ways and they were fun, the kind of instance that makes you pine for a cross server friends list. It’s groups like those that really make pugging worth it.

She also seems to have developed a bit of a personality. It’s not much, just the little things that pop up while you play a character really. Briella is a city girl, through and through, and loves her pony – Brian – to bits (sidenote: When she hits 40, I’m grabbing the Brown Steed – Brian with armour!). Despite this, she has chosen to use her skills as a talented Warrior to protect her loved ones, and thus she feels compelled to go out and get her hands dirty, for her parents, for the people of Stormwind, and for her King.

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  1. I find that when the scene gets boring – I get sick of raiding or lack of raiding due to slackers or whatever the case may be.. I like to start a new alt and just play the game in a more relaxed fashion. A fresh start if you want.

    Dungeons at low levels are always.. hmm.. interesting 😛 I think you run into even more kinds of players than you do when you do random heroics at 80. Sometimes it’s a blast – other times I wonder what made me queue in the first place 😛

    1. Well, I quit raiding a few months ago, this is how I tend to play the game anyway – however the feck I feel like when I log in 😀

  2. When I leveled my human warrior. She was my first toon. I kid you not all of her gear had to match. I can’t believe I did that now. But back then I needed to look good!
    And for some reason I had tailoring for my profession. I don’t remember why I did that but I did! Maybe because my friend who was a mage leveled with me.
    And Duskwood was and still is my favorite zone. I remember running into Stitches and going WTF is that!
    Even though I have an Army of Blood Elves now, the human starting zones and areas by it are still my favorite. And I still have a soft spot for my warrior.
    .-= Trys´s last blog ..Shared Topic: What to do… =-.

    1. Haha, I’ve heard of a few people doing that, you’re not alone :p
      Undead Warlock was my first, and yes, I have a soft spot for Tirisfal Glades and the Barrens (I was ordered to leave Silverpine Forest), despite my, also, army of Blood Elves, and new found love of the Alliance. Aside from that? Night Elf zones. LOVE.

  3. Aww I’m so glad that you’re having fun. Duskwood and I always had a love/hate relationship – it’s one of those zones that you back and forth through but I found it very atmospheric as well! We’re missing you, as you know (I hope) but as long as you’re enjoying the game, go with what feels good 🙂

  4. As much as I detest the leveling phase/abilities of a warrior, my first little solo toon was a gnome warrior. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED her personality and RP qualities. I mean she fell in love with a squishy human mage and was the only girl warrior in a town that made fun of her! She was dedicated, true, and pure! LOVE!

    Had to share!

  5. I can sympathize. I made my Death Knight back in January mainly because I had hit a rut with my Hunter. Not being a Raider these days, and being in a Guild that’s not as social as it used to be, led to some pretty heavy monotony. Doing the same Dailies every day, while good for gold making, gets boring, and pugging Heroics with random people I’ll never see again seemed pointless after a while.

    I’ve had a blast playing my Death Knight. I’ve been Tanking with him since he was level 70, and while I’ve had some subpar groups that make me question the whole endeavor; like DPSers pulling for me because I’m not going fast enough, or people glitching fights to save two or three precious minutes, I’ve had some wonderful ones too. Like you said, there are groups that make me wish there was a cross-server Friends list in addition to the Ignore list. Meeting and making friends with a healer on my server while I was leveling was awesome, too. Instant queues are spoiling me.

    It’ll be back to my Hunter tomorrow, though. Children’s Week. I’m definitely not looking forward to School of Hard Knocks. I suck at PvP to begin with; I fear this will kill me. >.<

    1. Check Cynwise’s guide for School of Hard Knocks, I linked it on my useful resources page under.. Festivals it will be 🙂

      1. Wow, thank you, thank you. 🙂

        How in the world could I have never heard of this Cynwise before?

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