The Explorer Task

When I read the blogs of others, and speak to people, I get the idea that a lot of us share the same love: the art of Warcraft. While questing or running about exploring a zone, those of us with this common interest will tend to have one hand on Alt+Z, one hand on Zoom in, followed by a Print Screen or two.

What I propose to you, is to take your character on a journey around Azeroth and Outlands. Some of you may know the lore surrounding these places, some of you may roleplay, some may just like exploring, I don’t expect you all to be involved in these things, but if you have any vague interest in this idea, read on.

I would like to know when you visit a certain area or zone, how your character feels and reacts to their surroundings. Take a few screenshots to share as you go, or if you’d rather not, don’t. It’s entirely upto you how you handle this project. If you don’t RP, you can just put yourself into your character’s shoes and imagine how YOU would feel and react. Take the idea and run away with it. You don’t have to visit every zone, but if you want to, please do. Equally, if you’d rather visit zones I haven’t listed, please do! If you don’t have time to visit the zones but would like to join in anyway, that’s also fine! However you want to interpret this idea in a way that suits you.

List of areas to visit, you can use these or think of your own. I’ve tried to vary it a little; if you’d like to, include a little bit of your character here, think about the sights, smells, sounds, feel of surroundings, reactions, emotions.

  • The Caverns of Time: portal there or walk from Tanaris, take the dragon down or walk. You don’t need to head into the instances, but do take a look at the portal entrances.
  • The Hinterlands: Seradane, the little bit North across the bridge.
  • The Plaguelands: Either/or. Perhaps the little village South of EPL, where Pamela Redpath resides. You can explore little areas or the entire zone.
  • Crystalsong Forest: Visit the ruins, the giant crystallised tree, the Great Tree.
  • A City: Any city of your choice. Probably Orgrimmar or Stormwind, but perhaps there is somewhere else you’d prefer to take a trip to.
  • Winterspring: The hot springs? Lake Kel’Theril? Darkwhisper Gorge?
  • Feralas: The Twin Colossals in the North.
  • Felwood: The Iron Tree Woods. Shatter Scar Vale.
  • Nagrand: The floating rocks.

All I ask for, if you choose to join in, is a pingback or comment on this post so that I can see your responses. Remember, this idea is open to interpretation, so have fun!

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  4. Ooh. This, I like — and the timing is weirdly apt.

    I could bang on for some time about Stormwind, but the Caverns of Time are where I’ll be headed.

    I ran The Culling of Stratholme last night as a random HC with a mix of guildies and randoms and, probably because it was late and we’d been zooming through the instance with ease, both the healer and I died right at the end of the Malganis fight. Which left us with no rezzers standing, so I was forced to run back in from the graveyard.

    Evidently, I’ve never had to do that before, as I realised I’ve *never* been to the Caverns of Time before. So I shall take a tour, and possibly take a wander round Stormwind too. Why not?

    Incidentally, are you reading Soph’s tourism posts at View through the Branches?
    .-= theanorak´s last blog ..Did I just meet Snottydin? =-.

    1. She’s one of my best friends, I’d be a terrible person if I wasn’t ^^

      That’s cool, I look forward to your response 😀 Think you’ll like the Caverns of Time.

  5. It’s interesting to wonder just how our characters feel about the world they live in–some people find it hard to immerse themselves so deeply, but even five years later I find myself panning the camera around in new and old zones alike with the thrilling realization that I’m IN Warcraft.
    .-= Vas´s last blog ..For the Horde =-.

  6. Hm… This is something that Rahima would be interested in, but she’ll have to do some planning. It’s quite a large trip you have proposed. (Not to mention she’s not high enough level for some places.)

    ((I may take Anea, haha))

    But an interesting idea/proposition! I’ll be interested to see everyone’s responses.
    .-= Anea´s last blog ..In which I obey The Muse =-.

    1. Well, you can reduce the trip, change a few zones, if that makes it any easier! It can be as long or short as you want, with whichever character you want ^^

  7. After a day of using my roguish deviousness on the many battlefields of Azeroth and beyond i like to visit Crystal song Forest or The Azuremyst isles to calm down and bask in the peaceful ambiance these zones invoke while slaying the occasional unfortunate few Alliance trespassers who visit those zones whenever possible. They feel as intruders, polluting the otherwise perfectly tranquil and purely mystical feeling of these lands. I can not let my guard down, i cant let go and immerse completely if they see me.
    I ride around those empty and magical lands feeling as if i could roam there forever and be forgotten by the entire world without it being of the slightest importance to me. I go there in the evening when i feel burned down and tired from battle to sharpen my blades, rest from the excitement of striking from the shadows in the hectic battlefields, i gather my thoughts and when all my frustration and excitement have washed away i come up with my finest new ingenious roguish plans and i anxiously plot my next adventure while a devious smile slowly takes hold thinking of the fruition and all the possibilities of the new plan.

  8. I can do something with this. Will probably not do all the Areas but instead pick one of yours and one of my own (being a cliff somewhere in Azshara). Will probably do somewhere this week if i can find the time :>

    1. Hehe, pingbacks is just when you link back, you can just leave a comment it’s cool 😀 just want to make sure I don’t miss any.

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