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So, I’d heard they were releasing the Gryphon and Windrider pets in the pet store and I was a little miffed, hoping maybe they’d be achievement rewards or something, but oh well, £10 per pet is okay I guess. I’d also heard they were releasing plushie versions with the vanity pets. I thought well that’s cool for people who want the plushies. I do like plushies, don’t get me wrong, I have a few dotted around the place, but I don’t particularly like these ones. They don’t look very soft, big, I don’t really care too much about them. Not to worry I don’t need to buy them right?

When I went to log in last night to check my auctions, on the news page I saw they were now available from the EU Blizzard store. I clicked the link and had a look and.. OH WTF. The plushies are there… the pets aren’t. Looks like if you want to buy the ingame vanity pets, you have to buy the plushies. I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t particularly care about the plushies but would love the vanity pets, or can’t afford them for that matter! In doing this, I’m pretty sure Blizzard have lost a few sales /golfclap. Not impressed, Blizzard.

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  1. first off the plushies and the ingame pet is a great idea cause it goes together in a set in real life you got the plush and then when you enter the world of azoroth boom he is rite there alive and ready to be by your side when you battle i got my windrider cub today and i think its awesome comes in a nice Horde bag to put him in like the plush murlocs he is highly detailed and soft he got the fur cming out of his ears and the wings spread out perfectly i was lookin at the pet in the game and the plush and it matches perfectly most likely there gonna come out with the other mount pets like the hippogryph(from the nightelfs) Bat (from the forsaken)

    and the great thing is allso it looks so much like a horde pet i no longer have to debate with myself wich horde should have wich pet i just looted all windrider cubs to my horde (cause there account bound every alts gets them including alliance) and put it rite on my keybind so i can take it out whenever i want and it looks great on all my horde characters waiting for the gryphon and will do the same for alliance

    only thing they should change is the murloc plushies should come with the virtual pet as well i know murlocs are rare pets but blizz should change that.

    oh and whats allso interesting about this windrider pet is that whenyour running around azeroth there just running with you on all fours on the ground but once you get on your mount he starts to fly!


    1. Hehe, I never said they were a bad idea, I just wish they came with an option to just buy the pets, as a lot of people can’t afford the plushies to get the pets. 🙂

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  3. @Stop She never said they deceived anyone, Check the post, the annoyance is that they could have done this, increasing there profit margin by quite alot, based off the 1Million donation to make a wish from the Monk, thats at least a 1 million gain off 1 item that couldn’t have taken any more then .5% of that to set up (free internal adds and fan sites>Advertising)

    The point was its a stupid move to only offer one option which must be at a much lower profit, while shooing away the chance to make even more money for people who don’t want quite ugly I think toys with them for £13+PnP more.

    The US have never said there going to boil every one in the Westborugh baptist church, but I still get annoyed when I learn they haven’t, I mean it id pay for the oil.

    *oh yeah its not £21 its that plus very high PnP

  4. Whereas I would most certainly rather just pay 10 dollars to get the in-game pet, the ickle gryphon is so rediculously adorable that I won’t mind buying that as well…whenever I get some extra cash.

  5. Can you really get mad at them for something they never said they’d do? The plan all along has been to release the vanity pets with the plushies – not once has Blizzard ever said the two would be available separately.

    If they are available separately down the road, well, huzzah, but they didn’t deceive you, unless you just didn’t really get what they were saying to begin with. 🙂
    .-= Stop´s last blog ..We were all boneheads once =-.

    1. Just because they never said they’d release them separately doesn’t mean I like it. I wouldn’t care if they gave you an option. Or perhaps if they did a similar thing to the Pandaeron Monk pet, give a large percentage of proceedings to charity.

  6. I for one am hoping these last for at least a few months.
    I currently have a whole 3 weeks until payday and cannot afford them til then…
    Kinda annoyed it’s going to cost me £40 for two more vanity pets but hey, maybe Mike will buy me one 😛
    .-= Soph´s last blog ..Guide: Collecting Mounts =-.

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