A Comment on Recent Drama

Today I was going to do my other Saurfang post (I know I never promised it to you guys, but I am doing now, it’s in my drafts waiting to be written), however, I’ve noticed an incredible amount of drama coming from left, right, and centre at the moment and I think there might be something behind it. The Trial patch. Yes, I think it’s still affecting people. After that abysmal joke of an instance, people became too tired to particularly care about the game anymore. Really, after that patch, we needed Icecrown to be something really spectacular, and so far… is it anything special? Without the necessary, “Whey! Icecrown! Fun times!” Going around, people seem to be growing tired again. Forgetting to think about other people before they act, and this is causing an immense amount of drama. I have days I really wish I could raid again, I miss raiding in a fun, easy going guild. This isn’t one of those days, this is the one where I’m bloody glad I’m in a quiet guild that doesn’t have space for drama, or the people for it.

The biggest problem is that I really would like to get back to raiding. I can’t see a guild recruiting who doesn’t have its’ share of drama and I know full well, if I transferred to join a guild, no doubt there would end up being drama. Drama causes stress. What’s the point in using a game to de-stress, when it just adds to the anxiety? So yes, this is why I’m currently in 2 guilds on my main server. One an alt guild which is usually empty, and the other a quiet mostly social guild, who do raid, but it’s 10 mans and they’re struggling to make space for all of the people who want to join.

Okay, I lied, that’s not the biggest problem. The bigger problem is actually that almost all of my ingame friends are in raiding guilds, and I can see the drama is getting to them big time. There’s so much selfishness and general dickwaddery floating around that I’m not quite sure how to help anymore. Some days I’m so tempted to pull a few of them aside and just explode, I’m tired of the people I care about being upset, stressed, and annoyed by other peoples’ ignorance. I don’t know all of the people causing the problem, so in a lot of cases I would sound like a random drama-seeker. I just can’t stand seeing friends upset. That wouldn’t really solve anything though.

How does the selfishness connect to the boredom? Simple. People want to get something out of their ‘boring’ game time. So they’ll ninja, be corrupt, act up, anything, just to make the game more interesting, thus ruining everybody else’s game time. Well ladifuckingda. If there is a guild out there, in which every member can be laid back, easy going, have fun, remember that it’s a game and there are people behind the avatars, whom they really should at the very least be civil to, who is able to kill stuff, and would like to give a loving hunter a home, please let me know. These days I don’t hold very high hopes.

PS. If you type in ‘drama guinea pig’ to Google, one of the images is Brian Blessed! What does this mean?!

PPS. Yes, I got the meme wrong. Yes, I am ashamed of myself.

7 thoughts on “A Comment on Recent Drama”

  1. I actually haven’t had too much trouble with drama in my WoW life. I’ve seen disagreements and personality conflicts but I shrug it off to the fact that social skills aren’t a given to all.

    The handful of times I was involved drama that caused me to be stressed out in my offline life, it tended to be more over personal stuff and had next to nothing to do with the game. Stuff like friendships getting complicated or being worried about guildies who got themselves into real life trouble.

    I think it helps to have a guild of older players and to keep a “they’ll get over it” mindset most of the time.
    .-= Ophelie´s last blog ..Holy Specs Debate: The Big Picture as of 3.3 =-.

  2. I’ve seen my share of drama, know exactly what you mean. Drama comes in different sizes and shapes tho, the worst is when it does affect you personally and your gaming experience.

    Spent my entire WoW career on 1 server, probably one of the most drama filled there is, and well 😛 I guess I’ll see how the drama is on another server in a week or 2

    1. Remember the grass is always greener, guild wise at least. The thing with Vashj is that it’s such an old, small server, where most people tend to know each other, there’s bound to be drama.

  3. I would like to point out that our own brand of drama was…brief 😛
    And over-exaggerated by me.
    You know how upset I get, and I shouldn’t have got so worked up.
    FotP still will always be my in game home, and our drama was so drama less nobody that wasn’t an officer even knew it happened.
    I’ll never leave Flame, I met my boyfriend there, I brought one of my best friends with me, and I’m waiting for the other one (which is YOU) to come over too.
    Flames FTW.
    Love ya

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