Getting Back my Bearings

Am I the only person who can be away from a computer for a week and upon returning feel like it’s an alien concept once again? Probably, I’m weird like that. I’ve never made so many typos I swear, taking me ages to type anything! Jist of the post: back from Wales tonight, tired as fuck, need to get my bearings. I like that the entire time I was away I didn’t miss WoW once. In fact I enjoyed the break. Tight raiding schedules and such make it difficult to slow down so an entire week away was lovely. Though I got a couple of bits for Christmas I’ve been dying to try out (shamefacedly the Sims 3, I kinda missed the crappy little game!) One thing I’ve really missed was actually, I really want to get on with watching the Code Geass series and I might go hunt the DvD software so I can watch some more DvDs.

On the blogging front I’m asleep, I’ve had a week away from WoW and my mind isn’t within WoW at all, so I’ll give the Secret Santa a crack tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Getting Back my Bearings”

  1. I feel the same way about World of Warcraft. If I don’t play it for a week or longer it feels totally foreign and the camera and 3d almost hurts my brain at first.

    As for computers, I don’t think I’m off it long enough to find out 😛

    1. I did miss my computer, purely for free anime and twitter purposes xD
      But yeah, I’m upto episode 7 I think, just watched the one with the cat running around, hopefully get that finished soon 😀

    1. Yeah, I’m thinking of running around on my hunter for a little, because at the moment Dan’s “yaywow”ness isn’t really in my mind.. if I make any sense sorry been driving all day :p

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